Acerca de ImageKit10 VCL

Agregue funciones de procesamiento y escaneado de imágenes a sus aplicaciones.

ImageKit10 VCL is a component that allows you to add image processing functionality to your applications quickly and easily. With the ImageKit10 VCL, you can write applications that retrieve images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras; that load and save image files and convert images from one format to another; that edit images, draw shapes and text on images; that display images and print images; that display images as thumbnails, and much more. Most all of the ImageKit10 functionality is also available in DLL style API. The ImageKit10 VCL has the same stable, easy to use functions as always and supports touch screen capabilities, web camera controls (in Delphi only), and new scanning functions.

The ImageKit10 VCL contains of five controls: the ImageKit control; three web camera controls, Record, Play, Preview; and the Thumbnail control. The ImageKit control provides comprehensive image-processing, printing, drawing, and scanning functionality. The WebCamera controls allow you to program and manipulate movie images from web cameras. The Thumbnail control provides an easy interface for displaying images as thumbnails. These controls are shipped in 4 editions: a 64 bit unicode edition, a 32 bit unicode edition, a 64 bit ANSI edition, and a 32 bit ANSI edition.

The ImageKit control provide functions that can retrieve images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras, that can display and edit images, that can draw text and shapes on images or apply effect filters and transformations to images, that can make composite images from two seperate images, that can load and save image files and convert images from one format to another, that can print images,

  • Touch screen capabilities.
  • Web camera functions added: record, play, preview, take snapshot (* Web camera is supported in Delphi only).
  • New scanning functions.
  • Contains both 32bit and 64bit DLLs and BPL files (64 bit files are included with C++Builder XE3 and above; Delphi XE2 and above).
  • Supports 64bit scanning (Must have 64bit scan driver).
  • Supports unicode file names.
  • Load images from and save images to HTTP / FTP servers.
  • Set Exif information ( Not all exif tags supported).
  • New context menu has been added to image editing.