Lanzamientos de IntelliJ IDEA

Released: Nov 30, 2022

Actualizaciones en 2022.3.x


Updated Mar 8, 2023


  • It is now possible to check the configuration status of Microsoft Windows Defender and update it directly from the IDE.


  • Resolved the long-standing issue that caused the screen to flicker in full-screen mode on macOS Ventura.
  • The IDE no longer displays empty popups on macOS Ventura.
  • The Shelf tab doesn’t disappear from the Commit tool window anymore.
  • The Check RegExp action no longer results in a false Bad regular expression pattern alert.
  • The IDE...

Released: Jul 26, 2022

Actualizaciones en 2022.2.x


Updated Nov 23, 2022


  • Changing the display layout or waking from sleep mode no longer causes corrupted text or a flashing red screen on macOS.
  • The screen no longer flickers when working with the IDE in full screen mode on macOS Ventura.


Updated Oct 5, 2022


  • The IDE no longer malfunctions when opening projects with Python files.
  • The Create branch input field in the Open task window now has the correct size.
  • There are no more slowdowns when working with language...

Released: Apr 12, 2022

Actualizaciones en 2022.1.x


Updated Jul 19, 2022


  • Fixed the issue causing text flickers in the Commit details pane.
  • Fixed the issue with local module recognition in the Terraform plugin.
  • Fixed the Run Git hooks checkbox in the Before Commit section of the Commit tool window.
  • Changing the .iml file no longer removes associated Git mapping.
  • Fixed the issue causing the external diff tools for directories to malfunction.
  • Fixed the bug causing IntelliJ IDEA to crash on macOS High Sierra.
  • Fixed the issue causing...

Released: Nov 30, 2021

Actualizaciones en 2021.3.x


Updated Mar 17, 2022


  • IntelliJ IDEA now builds and filters resources properly when working with Maven 3.8.5.
  • Fixed an issue causing the IDE to freeze and hang when indexing WSL projects.
  • Fixed a few issues that were appearing when working with Gradle.
  • Fixed the problem causing the IDE to add unexpected refs/heads prefixes when pushing to Gerrit.
  • Fixed the issues that obstructed proper connection to remote hosts via SSH.
  • Fixed the Quick Documentation popup so that it displays...

Released: Jul 27, 2021

Actualizaciones en 2021.2.x


Updated Oct 15, 2021


  • Fixed call hierarchy on interface methods to correctly return results.
  • Fixed recurring indexing on every startup if the IDE was closed due to OS shutdown.
  • Fixed the issue that was causing the IDE to freeze when projects were reopened inside WSL 2.
  • Fixed the behavior of the Stop button. When you stop the WildFly Run Configuration, the Terminate Batch Job prompt no longer appears.
  • Fixed the dialog to add new Arquillian containers.
  • Fixed the issue causing the IDE...

Released: Apr 7, 2021

Actualizaciones en 2021.1.x


Updated Jun 29, 2021


  • JBR 11 has been updated to 11.0.11-b1341.60.


  • Fixed the error that appears when you click Download sources for Maven projects.
  • Fixed the problems behind several UI freezes.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys works for text selection as it should.
  • The IDE loads resource files in a Gradle project with
  • It is now possible to work with KWallet without errors.
  • Fixed the infinite indexing issue.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to display JPG...

Released: Dec 1, 2020

Actualizaciones en 2020.3.x


Updated Mar 16, 2021


Trusted projects

  • Introduced the concept of trusted projects to mitigate the risks associated with opening projects from unknown and untrusted sources.
  • When you open a project, IntelliJ IDEA doesn’t execute any code from it and checks whether it is trusted or from a trusted location. If the project currently is not trusted, the IDE will ask you to choose whether to open it in safe mode or full-trust mode.
  • If you open a project in safe mode, the IDE will...

Released: Jul 28, 2020

Actualizaciones en 2020.2.x


Updated Nov 25, 2020


  • Fixed the formatting of Gherkin files.
  • Fixed module dependency in Gradle projects.
  • Fixed Search For Class in Maven projects.
  • Fixed the sizing issues with the search text box.
  • Fixed branch selection when opening the pull dialog.
  • Fixed JCEF issues involving the Markdown editor stealing focus from a different frame.
  • Fixed the way a new project opens on macOS Big Sur.
  • Fixed the problem causing IntelliJ IDEA to crash after exiting sleep mode on macOS Big Sur...

Released: Jul 22, 2020

Actualizaciones en 2020.1.4


  • Fixed excessive Hot Swap background processes.
  • Fixed exceptions thrown with language packs enabled.

Released: Jul 8, 2020

Actualizaciones en 2020.1.3


  • Fixed Maven Search for artifact. It now shows the results in a new Gradle project.
  • Fixed Maven Profile selection.
  • Fixed UI freeze.