Lanzamientos de InterBase

Released: Oct 16, 2023

Actualizaciones en 2020 Update 5


  • IBConsole UX Redesigned
    • This update includes a brand new release of IBConsole which improves its usability and makes it look and behave in a more modern way.
    • Added support for HighDPI monitors, replaced the icons which are also higher resolution, changed fonts and default sizes, removed some of the user interface "clutter" (in terms of lines, borders and repeated images), and made many other changes to make it a modern Microsoft Windows app.
    • Added search and filter results on...

Released: Dec 1, 2022

Actualizaciones en 2020 Update 4


  • A redesigned Install Launcher on Windows without the integrated ADO.NET driver, to direct users to the latest version on GitHub instead.
  • An updated ODBC driver is installed with the InterBase client libraries for the Windows platform, which includes some fixes and improvements. The ODBC driver is used by developers other than those using RAD Studio, .NET or Java, which have specific InterBase drivers for their development environments
  • New version of IBConsole (the standard...

Released: Apr 20, 2022

Actualizaciones en 2020 Update 3


  • UX Enhancements
    • Improved the user interface in the InterBase Manager utility for the Microsoft Windows platform. In this release the InterBase Manager offers high-DPI support, and additional information like the version number and the current port in use, in an improved overall layout.
    • Changed the fonts, colors, and overall look and feel, making these forms more modern. Noticeably, InterBase Manager now uses the PerMonitor V2 Windows UI model, and that has been migrated to and...

Released: Sep 30, 2021

Actualizaciones en 2020 Update 2



  • Added ISQL support to use EXTRACT for showing EUA database setup and EUA user records when connected as database owner.
  • Added ISQL support to EXTRACT Change View Subscription definitions and their use in Database/Table schemas.
  • Added support to EXTRACT Encryption Key definitions when run as user SYSDSO and database/column encryptions when run as database owner.


  • Embarcadero InterBase already supports Common Table Expressions, this update adds support for recursive CTE...

Released: Nov 15, 2019

Actualizaciones en 2020


  • Database Tablespaces - Tablespaces allow a database object definition to specify a storage location in a particular logical file collection. This is especially beneficial for disk technologies, allowing you to better mix the use of fast SSDs and large HDDs. This is a key difference, since prior to InterBase 2020, all of the files for a database had to be mapped to the same storage. A database administrator can leverage tablespace characteristics to optimize runtime database...

Released: Oct 31, 2017

Actualizaciones en 2017 Update 1


  • New Supported Platforms
    • InterBase Developer and Server editions now support the following macOS versions:
      • El Capitan
      • Sierra
      • High Sierra
    • InterBase 2017 Update 1 on macOS now supports 64-bit architecture.
    • InterBase Developer and Server editions now support the following Windows versions:
      • Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Expression Index - Support for Expression Indices (EI) enhance the index definition and optimization of queries.
  • Enhancements to GROUP BY and ORDER BY - GROUP BY has been...

Released: Mar 9, 2017

Actualizaciones en 2017


  • New ODS version - Databases created with InterBase 2017 use ODS 17.
  • isql - New RECONNECT command isql supports a new command, RECONNECT. You can use RECONNECT in isql and SQL scripts, to reconnect to the latest successfully connected database. See RECONNECT for more information. New -names Command-line Option isql supports a new command line option, -names <character set name>. You can use this option to specify the character set to use for current database connection...