About JUDE/Professional

Business process UML modeling tool.

JUDE includes basic features to make modeling simple and user friendly. JUDE is suitable for business use, large-sized models and document creation. JUDE includes enriched features, such as the ability to change your view freely using a Map View, unlimited undo/redo, the ability to output project information in CSV, diagram creation guidance and more. JUDE supports the basic UML 1.4 diagrams including: UseCase, Sequence, Collaboration, Statechart, Activity and Class (Object/Package/Robustness).

JUDE/Professional is the product version of JUDE with all the features of JUDE/Community plus additional enhancements. It has enriched features, such as input-output and diagram creation guidance. It is suitable for business use, large-sized models, and document creation.

Special Features of JUDE/Professional

  • Merge JUDE Projects
  • UseCase Descriptions
  • UseCase Description Templates
  • Generate Class Diagrams positioning one Class in the center
  • Add Dependent Classes to a diagram
  • Model Input-Output function from/to XML
  • Printing Function Enhancements
  • Copy and Paste in Vector (EMF) format
  • Jump to a Related Diagram
  • Jump to a Related Model in the Structure Tree (2.1b or later)
  • Icons for Stereotypes
  • Mindmaps
  • Examples of Mindmaps
  • Convert Mindmaps to UML models
  • Hyperlinks
  • Output of project information in CSV (Class list, Attribute list, Operation list, UseCase list)
  • GUI (icon) design renewal
  • Detailed Manual (PDF Format) included
  • Further feature enhancements and upgrades are planned to make JUDE even more practical and convenient.

JUDE supports basic UML diagrams (all UML 1.4 diagrams)

  • Class Diagram (Object Diagram/Package Diagram/Robustness Diagram)
  • UseCase Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram
  • Collaboration Diagram
  • Statechart Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Component Diagram
  • Deployment Diagram
  • Template Generation of Java Source Files
  • Import of Java Source Files
  • Automatic Generation of Class Diagrams with Model Information

JUDE supports basic UML diagrams (all UML 1.4 diagrams). Features that enhance the ease of operation include the following:

  • Change view freely using "Map View"
  • Free scroll by right-dragging
  • Zoom by dragging
  • Generation of class diagrams
  • Editing model information directly, without opening a dialog
  • Unlimited UNDO/REDO
  • Various layout adjustment features (Position/Space/Size selection)