Licenciamiento de Oxygen Content Fusion

Si necesita hablar con nosotros sobre sus requisitos de licencia para Oxygen Content Fusion, póngase en contacto con nuestros especialistas en licencias de Syncro Soft.

Oxygen Content Fusion uses a subscription floating license model with a minimum commitment period of 12 months. When you sign up for one of the subscription packages, you will be charged for 1 year of subscription up front.

The license key you receive contains the maximum number of user sessions that can simultaneously access the Content Fusion web-based editor at any given moment. After a period of inactivity, the license allocated to that user session is released. Note that the use of two different browsers (for example, Firefox and Chrome) by a single user, will consume two floating licenses. However, using two or more windows or tabs of the same browser accounts for a single floating license.

NOTE: A floating license is consumed only when a Reviewer opens a document attached to a Review Task in the online editor.

Contratos de licencia