Oxygen Publishing Engine

Oxygen Publishing Engine automates the transformation of DITA/DocBook documents to WebHelp, PDF, ePub, and plain HTML output, for desktop and mobile devices, outside of Oxygen XML Editor (e.g from a command line).

Oxygen Publishing Engine Features

  • Includes DITA-OT CSS-based PDF Publishing Plugin and Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive plugin.
  • Allows you to transform DITA content into WebHelp and PDF.
  • Transform DITA resources by running a transformation script.
  • Includes the following PDF transformation types:
    • DITA Map PDF - CSS styling applied over a merged HTML5 document (the merged DITA map converted to HTML5).
    • DITA PDF - CSS styling applied over a merged HTML5 document (the merged DITA topic converted to...

Últimas novedades

Oxygen Publishing Engine V23.0
Oxygen Publishing Engine V23.0
Mejora la salida de WebHelp y PDF.
Oxygen Publishing Engine V22.1
Oxygen Publishing Engine V22.1
Mejora WebHelp Responsive y DITA para salida PDF basada en CSS.
Publicación de Oxygen Publishing Engine
Publicación de Oxygen Publishing Engine
Una solución completa de publicación DITA para WebHelp y salida PDF.

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