oXygen XML Editor improves Syntax Highlighting

Released: Jan 20, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V13.2

  • Syntax highlighting for mixed content types - The syntax coloring engine was redesigned for improved performance and more accurate detection. Different content types mixed in the same file are now highlighted according to color schemes defined for each content type.
  • Remote file find/replace - Find and replace in remote files, over WebDAV or FTP, which are linked from a project or DITA map.
  • Spell check remote files - Spell check remote files, over WebDAV or FTP, which are linked from a project or DITA map.
  • Improved open/find resource filter - Look for resources using path fragments.
  • Improved BIDI rendering - A number of BIDI-text-related issues have been fixed, leading to improved rendering of bidirectional content documents.
  • DITA map metrics added - View number of elements, attributes, words and characters used in the DITA Map structure. Information types like number of containing maps, bookmaps and topics are now available.
  • Profiling/conditional text improved- The "Edit Profiling Attributes" action is no longer restricted to profiling only elements. Now it also works on selections, that can contain multiple elements.
  • Prefixed oxygen CSS properties extensions - Oxygen-specific CSS properties are now prefixed with the oxy marker. The old, unprefixed form is now deprecated.
  • Browse reference manual action - A new contextual action is available for DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML documents. It opens the documentation of the selected XML element in a Web browser.