Lanzamientos de Oxygen XML Editor Enterprise

Released: Mar 16, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V11.2

  • Author Component Integration
    An Author page is available as a component that can be integrated in your Java application or applet. All features available for editing in the <oXygen/> XML Editor Author page are also available in the Author component.
  • Automatic Support for Reusable Components
    A fragment of a topic can be extracted in a separate file for reuse in different topics. The component can be reused by inserting an element with a conref attribute where the content of...

Released: Dec 29, 2009

Updates in this release

Updates in V11.1

  • Visual XML authoring now uses schema information to provide intelligent editing actions that help keep the document valid and provide a better editing experience.
  • New compact representation of tags and quick up/down navigation features improve ergonomics and usability.
  • oXygen XML Editor can use any XQJ compliant XQuery processor for XQuery transformations, different error levels and external references can be specified for Schematron messages and the XProc support was improved...

Released: Oct 11, 2009

Updates in this release

Updates in V11

  • Documentum CMS Integration built on top of DFS 6.5 and includes repository browsing, check-out and check-in support, transparent access to resources (open, edit save), import/export and resource management.
  • XProc support
  • Integrated documentation for XSLT stylesheets
  • New XQuery debugger (for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database)
  • MathML rendering and editing support
  • Smarter Author mode for an improved visual editing experience
  • DITA 1.2 features
  • Support for very large documents...