Acerca de ArtfulBits Password Expiration Web Part

Notifique a los usuarios cuando una contraseña está a punto de caducar.

Password Expiration Web Part enables you to notify Active Directory users that their password has expired using a Web Part user interface. It includes a link to a web page to change their password and/or an email that is automatically sent to their inbox. There is also an option to force users to automatically redirect to a selected web page in order to change their password. In addition, Administrators can schedule email notifications using a password expiration alert job.

Password Expiration Web Part Features

  • Notify users via Web Part interface when password is about to expire.
  • Ability to automatically redirect the users to a specified URL to enforce password changing.
  • Send email notifications to users before their passwords expire.
  • Schedule frequency and grace period for sending emails.
  • Customizable email notification.
  • Language pack support.