About Password Management Bundle

Manage SharePoint passwords.

Password Management Bundle includes, Password Change Web Part (allow users to change their passwords from within SharePoint using a standard text box interface), Password Expiration Web Part (notify Active Directory users that their password has expired using a Web Part user interface) and Password Reset Web Part (allow any user to reset their password without contacting an administrator).

Password Reset Web Part Features

  • Reset Active Directory passwords.
  • Form based authentication password reset.
  • Online password delivery.
  • Email password deliver
  • Use up to 3 security questions for AD password reset.
  • Password reset confirmation.
  • Enforce users to change a temporary password upon next login.

Password Expiration Web Part Features

  • Notify users via Web Part interface when password is about to expire.
  • Ability to automatically redirect the users to a specified URL to enforce password changing.
  • Send email notifications to users before their passwords expire.
  • Schedule frequency and grace period for sending emails.
  • Customizable email notification.
  • Language pack support.

Password Change Web Part Features

  • Change passwords without administrator intervention.
  • Supports Windows and form based authentications.
  • Supports AD, LDAP, SQL and other membership providers.
  • Supports Windows local users.   
  • Customizable email notification.
  • Warns users if the password change failed or does not meet the password policy.
  • Customizable Password Policy description.
  • Change Password action added in user personal menu.
  • Language pack support.