Acerca de SQL Data Generator

Rellena automáticamente bases de datos con datos de prueba realistas.

SQL Data Generator is a test data generator for MS SQL Server databases. With SQL Data Generator you can generate data in one click, creating realistic data based on column and table names. The data can also be customized if desired. SQL Data Generator eliminates hours of tedious work.

SQL Data Generator replaces the hours of manually populating databases with a one-click solution: Select the database and SQL Data Generator populates it with realistic test data by automatically assigning an appropriate generator based on column names.  Test data can also be easily customized.

In addition to developing new applications, SQL Data Generator makes it easy to test database capacity and determine future server requirements, and to demonstrate products to clients without revealing sensitive data.

But it is not just about speed. It is also about quality data. SQL Data Generator intelligently creates realistic test data by automatically taking the table and column names into account, along with field length and any existing constraints.

Privacy legislation prohibits the sharing of live sensitive data. So if you want to demo your database to a client or develop your production database, SQL Data Generator can quickly replace the live data with realistic test data so that people will probably not even notice you've made the switch.

Whether you want to future-proof your database by populating it with large quantities of additional data and testing to see if it scales or breaks, or you simply need some starter data to highlight potential improvements to your new schema, SQL Data Generator will automate the tedious, allowing you much more time to run lots of creative tests.

Data can be pulled in from existing data sources and if you really want to show off to your boss or clients the data can be easily customized.

SQL Data Generator feature list:

  • Generates data that perfectly matches to your database schema
  • Intuitive, easy to use user interface makes it easy to start populating your database immediately
  • Intelligently generates appropriate data based on table and column names and data types
  • Over 60 built in generators with sensible configuration options
  • Inter-column dependency support, for example to generate records with matching email address and domain name
  • Very fast data generation through use of the SQL Server’s bulk copy insertion feature.
  • Support for all SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008 data types including CLR types
  • Command-line support for automated data generation, for example as part of your build process
  • Foreign key support for generating consistent data across multiple tables with no manual configuration
  • Seeded random data generation allows you to generate the same collection of data every time
  • Take data from existing tables to easily create a database containing a sample of your data
  • Import data from flat files in csv or tsv formats.
  • Optionally disable triggers and constraints to avoid interfering with database logic
  • Automatic data conversion when the source data is of a different data type
  • User defined generators in any .NET language give complete control over the generated data