SecureBlackbox is collection of over 200 carefully crafted components and libraries that implement security standards and network communication protocols for every popular development platform (Windows, .NET, Linux, macOS, iOS, Java, Android). You can use SecureBlackbox to implement comprehensive cryptography, security, and protected file transfer.

SecureBlackbox Features

  • Comprehensive - From low-level encryption algorithms to sophisticated digital signature standards to secure cloud-based data storages to secure file transfer, you get all cryptography-based libraries in one solution.
  • Maintained - SecureBlackbox is constantly improved to guarantee reliable security, the smoothest development experience, and highest possible speed.
  • Secure - SecureBlackbox strictly conforms to industry security standards and the most secure algorithms to...

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SecureBlackbox v16
SecureBlackbox v16
Añade compatibilidad con autenticación FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor).

Precios desde: $ 342.02

SecureBlackbox Annual Subscription includes: 1 Year Timed License, All Platforms, Royalty-Free Distribution, Standard Support, Updates & Upgrades Included, To continue to use the software after 1 Year...

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