Acerca de SQL Performance Suite

Mejore el rendimiento en todos los SQL Servers.

SQL Performance Suite includes SQL Diagnostic Manager for performance monitorying, alerting and diagnostics and SQL Enterprise Job Manager to monitor and manage SQL Server agent jobs across the enterprise. SQL Performance Suite monitors performance, analyzes workload, tunes queries, and manages agent jobs for SQL Server.

SQL Performance Suite includes the following products:

SQL Diagnostic Manager - Pro Version

  • Monitor and view the performances of physical and virtual environments.
  • See the causes of blocks and deadlocks with query plan monitoring.
  • Monitor, tune, and troubleshoot SQL Server application performance.
  • Speed up problem resolution with expert recommendations from SQL Doctor.
  • Avoid false alerts with predictive alerting.
  • View top issues and alerts from anywhere with the web-based dashboard.

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

  • Monitor SQL Server agent jobs across the enterprise.
  • Easily view job status and details with a familiar calendar layout.
  • Chain jobs together to build automated workflows.
  • Set alerts to be notified of job status and potential issues.
  • Web-based architecture simplifies deployment.