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Lanzamientos de Syncfusion Essential PDF for ASP.NET MVC

October 26, 2011

Updates in 2011

  • HTML to PDF Conversion via Gecko - The current HTML to PDF conversion requires Internet Explorer to be running on the server. This new feature uses Mozilla instead on the server to do the conversion and overcome the limitations with Internet Explorer 9
August 11, 2011

Updates in 2011 Vol 3

  • PDF Viewer - The implementation of this feature is very important for several reasons. It forms the foundation for several other features that may be implemented in the future. It can be used in both Windows Forms and WPF applications. This feature supports exporting PDF files to various image formats such as .bmp, .jpeg, and .png.
  • Background Image Support - Essential PDF provides options to customize the appearance of a PDF grid. Now, support is provided for positioning...
February 14, 2011

Updates in 2011 Vol 1

  • The TryGetField and TryGetValue methods have been added to obtain form fields and form-field values, respectively.
  • Images in an EMF are now properly preserved.
  • Font baseline is now properly preserved in HTML-to-PDF conversion.
  • A "Null Reference" exception is no longer thrown when merging documents.
  • PdfLoadedDocument is now released after opening a document with the wrong password.
  • Bookmarks with Unicode characters can now be rendered when merging.
  • The height of...
November 09, 2010

Updates in Syncfusion Essential PDF 2010 Vol 4

  • Support for time-stamping a digital signature has been added
  • Support for 128- and 256-bit AES encryption has been added
  • Support for collapsing the bookmark tree of a document has been added