Telerik UI for WPF

Telerik UI for WPF is a commercial toolkit for creating next-generation line of business and kiosk applications using Windows Presentation Foundation. Telerik UI for WPF controls provide a high-performance, visually appealing, and highly customizable shortcut to the world of engaging user experiences, leveraging the platform's incredible potential as well as many years of excellence in presentation layer technology.

Telerik UI for WPF Key Features:

  • 150+ WPF UI components for any app scenario
  • Modern Professional Themes
  • Document processing libraries
  • Included source code for components
  • Coded UI Tests
  • Touch Support
  • MVVM Support
  • Intuitive API 
  • World-class Technical Support 
  • Detailed documentation, code samples, demos & KBs
  • Free online technical training for active trialists and license holders
  • Visual Studio 2022, .NET 5 & .NET 6 Support

Telerik UI for WPF Benefits:

Extensive Set of Controls
Telerik UI...

Últimas novedades

Telerik UI for WPF R2 2022 SP1
Telerik UI for WPF R2 2022 SP1
GridView mejora la personalización de resultados de búsquedas.
Telerik UI for WPF R2 2022
Telerik UI for WPF R2 2022
Agrega un nuevo componente VirtualKeyboard que imita un teclado físico.
Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1
Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022 SP1
Agrega configuración de micrófono al cuadro de diálogo de configuración de cámara del control WebCam.
Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022
Telerik UI for WPF R1 2022
Agrega el nuevo control StepProgressBar y esquinas redondeadas para los componentes de Windows.
Telerik UI for WPF R3 2021 SP1
Telerik UI for WPF R3 2021 SP1
Agrega compatibilidad con Microsoft .NET 6.0 y mejora Calendar, ComboBox y PdfProcessing.
Telerik UI for WPF R3 2021
Telerik UI for WPF R3 2021
Agrega el nuevo control Badge para visualizar las notificaciones de aplicaciones, además de compatibilidad con .NET 6 RC1.

Precios desde: $ 881.02

One software license is required per developer. You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license. This allows you to install it on your work, home...

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Component Type
  • WPF Controls
  • .NET Class
  • .NET Core

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