A project management application.

TRICHORD is a simple Agile project management tool that helps developers and managers to track status at a glance from three viewpoints ( Time, Task, Team ), using "Kanban Board" (a Just-In-Time pull control method in Toyota Production System).TRICHORD has three main features. The Kanban Board feature which visualizes the project's task status intuitively, like cards on a wall. The Burndown Chart feature visualizes the amount of remaining tasks and the project's velocity and the Niko-niko Calendar feature visualizes the team's mood and serves as a simple twitter-like SNS communication center for the project.

Task Kanban is a dashboard. First you breakdown tasks and make them into cards then paste them on the Task Kanban. There are three lanes in the Kanban, To do, Doing and Done. By placing task cards in lanes depending on the task status, you can see the status of these tasks clearly at a glance. TRICHORD has two more kanbans, Story Kanban that indicates the project progress by Timeboxes and Feature Kanban that indicates by Release and iteration plans.

Burn down chart
Burn down chart is a graph that visualizes the amount of work remaining. The vertical axis indicates the amount of work remaining and the horizontal axis indicates the time. By plotting the amount of work remaining everyday, it visualizes how long it will take to complete the project. There are also two more charts, Daily burn chart that visualizes the work remaining in each day and one that visualizes the amount of work remaining by Timeboxes.

Niko-niko Calendar
It visualizes mood of the team by everyone inputting their feelings and mood for a day with colorful smiley face icons and comments.

Web report
TRICHORD exports projects status into a document that can be seen on web browsers.