Create applications with the familiar, easy-to-use interfaces of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer and Windows XP.

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Precios desde: $ 485.10 Versión: 3.02 Actualizado: Apr 11, 2006

Please note that this product is no longer supported by the publisher. As a legacy product it is available for purchase but is no longer eligible for product support or maintenance.


UltraSuite includes grids, toolbars, navigation components, scheduling, editors, explorer UI and additional UI elements. Products included are UltraGrid, UltraToolBars, ScheduleX, Data Explorer and ActiveTreeView. Infragistics UltraSuite Source code is available. Infragistics UltraSuite was formerly known as Sheridan UltraSuite or UltraSuite 3.0

Products Included

  • UltraGrid - UltraGrid is a grid-specific software product optimized for OLE DB technology, and includes ComboBoxEx, HotLink, Spin, DropDownEdit, DateEdit, Currency, and Numeric
  • Data Explorer - Adopt the look and feel of Windows Explorer in your applications. Data Explorer includes Outlook Bar and Resizer
  • ActiveTreeView - A feature-rich tree extends the common TreeView control
  • UltraToolBars - Create applications that emulate the rich look of Microsoft Office 2000 or XP with...

Últimas novedades

Acceda a sus archivos desde servicios en la nube populares
Acceda a sus archivos desde servicios en la nube populares
October 11, 2023Product Update
UltraFTP 2023.0 agrega soporte nativo para Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 y Dropbox.

Precios desde: $ 485.10

One software license is required per developer. Run-time royalty free. Please note: This isan unsupported (not eligible for product support or maintenance) product.

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