Acerca de WebStorm

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) profesional para desarrolladores web.

WebStorm helps you to easily create Web sites by letting you edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript, navigate through files easily and use auto completion for everything in your code. WebStorm also notifies you about code problems on the fly and easily handles complicated languages mixtures e.g. HTML markup or SQL inside a JavaScript. WebStorm tracks any changes made to your source files, protecting you from any accidental losses or modifications, even if made by other applications. At any time you can inspect the history of either a particular file or directory and rollback to any of its previous versions with WebStorm. WebStorm can also set version labels.


DOM- and Schema-Based Code Completion - Based on its deep knowledge of HTML/XHTML and XML code, WebStorm is capable of completing:

  • styles
  • file references
  • tag names
  • closing tags
  • attributes
  •  In CSS, code completion works for:
  • classes
  • HTML IDs
  • keywords
  • values
  • properties

Validation and Quick-Fixes - WebStorm detects and suggests auto-fixes for such problems as:

  • invalid CSS selector format
  • invalid CSS properties
  • unused CSS class definitions
  • invalid local anchors and more...
  • missing required attributes
  • invalid attributes or illegal values
  • Wrong references to files in links
  • Duplicate attributes

Whenever you see a bulb, hit Alt+Enter to see what WebStorm suggests

Show Content - Quick Definition Lookup on a CSS ID immediately shows a popup displaying the actual styles defined for this particular ID; when invoked on an image file reference, you will see an image preview. This works both in code and in completions lists.

Zen Coding - WebStorm allows you to use the power and speed of Zen coding. All abbreviations are available for creating new content and for wrapping an existing structure. Having difficulty understanding where the styles come from for a particular tag in your page? Right-click it and choose Show Applied Styles for Tag. This command opens a tree-view of all styles that are applied to the tag by CSS, with all possible overrides.

Extract Embedded Styles - Allows you to clean your HTML code by moving styles embedded inside tags to either the current file <style> section or to a linked external .css file. Simply invoke 'Extract Embedded CSS' quick-fix, specify CSS selector and the destination for the new CSS class.


DOM-Based, Browser-Specific Completion - JavaScript code completion for keywords, labels, variables, parameters and functions is DOM-based and supports popular browsers specifics (IE, Firefox, etc.) The completion is available for both standard and user-defined functions in *.js files, HTML event handlers and everywhere else where appropriate.

Code Navigation and Usage Search - Numerous code navigation and usage search options:

  • Go to declaration - navigates to where the function, variable or label in question is declared with a simple hotkey or Ctrl+Click.
  • Go to symbol - navigates to any symbol in project code using search patterns, including asterisk (*) or CamelHump abbreviations.
  • Find/Highlight Usages - locates other places in your entire project where a JavaScript symbol, label or file is used, with quick preview and instant navigation to the actual usages.

JavaScript Refactoring
Refactoring capabilities provided for JavaScript allow you to easily modify the code structure as well as undo the modifications. Some refactorings available for JavaScript code and *.js files are:

  • Move/Copy
  • Safe Delete
  • Extract embedded script into file
  • Rename
  • Extract Variable/Function
  • Inline Variable/Function

Code Inspections and Quick-Fixes - To ensure better code quality, JetBrains WebStorm catches common errors in your JavaScript code on the fly and offers quick-fixes for them.

JavaScript Debugger Based on Mozilla - With JetBrains WebStorm you can debug JavaScript code utilizing the complete range of features:

  • Breakpoints in HTML and JavaScript
  • Customizable breakpoint properties: suspend mode, conditions, pass count and more
  • Frames, variables and watches views in JavaScript debugger UI
  • Runtime evaluation of JavaScript expressions

Extended Frameworks Support - The following extended JavaScript frameworks are supported: JQuery, YUI, Prototype, DoJo, MoTools, Qooxdoo, and Bindows.
Some specific features include:

  • Code completion for every framework
  • JSDoc and DoJo style type annotations support for better code completion and parameter type information
  • Quick Documentation lookup for JSDoc and DoJo style commands

More Than Code

Batch Code Analysis - No need to click through all the files or deploy to a server to spot errors and warnings. Start Code Analysis for the whole source tree, select Inspections to run, and see all results in a single view.

Language Mixing/Injection - Support for any "outer" and "inner" language in your PHP code - enjoy full coding assistance for CSS, JavaScript, SQL, etc. outside of php code blocks and inside php string literals.

Spellchecker - Integrated spellchecker verifies texts in tags, code strings and comments to avoid misspellings and typos on your web pages. To ensure better code readability even variable names, CSS classes and IDs are spell-checked. To configure spellchecker specify the options for 'Spelling' inspection in Inspections settings.

Smart Environment

FTP and Remote Files Syncronization - Open files from a remote host, FTP, or a mounted network drive using simple configuration and an intuitive user interface. Edit project files locally and deploy back to a remote server using automatic synchronization on file save or on demand.

Version Control Systems Integration - WebStorm supports most popular Version Control Systems:

  • Subversion
  • Perforce
  • Git
  • CVS

All the tedious tasks (adding, removing, deleting files) are performed automatically. A built-in visual merge tool resolves all conflicts in a quick and intuitive manner. The changes made locally are highlighted as you type in the editor gutter, providing intuitive navigation and a 2-click rollback for individual changes.

The following features are available no matter what VCS you use:

  • Integrated changelists - group your changes into multiple change lists for better ogranisation
  • Shelved changes - set aside some changes to restore them later on
  • Repository Changes view - see what has been committed by other team members
  • Incoming Changes view - see the code changes not yet integrated into your local copy
  • Outdated Changes Notification - get warned that a file you are working with has been changed after your last sync.
  • Local History - WebStorm tracks any changes made to your source files, protecting you from any accidental losses or modifications, even if made by other applications. At any time you can inspect the history of either a particular file or directory and rollback to any of its previous versions. You can also set version labels.