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Antenna House XSL Report Designer V2.0 is two software products in one. First, it's a design program that greatly simplifies the creation of your complex XML reports and forms with a user-friendly Windows GUI. Second, it's a Runtime Engine that merges the layout and your XML data to produce XSL-FO for creating PDF or print files with Antenna House XSL Formatter.With XSL Report Designer you can easily map the relationship of each element of your content and how it should be placed, formatted and processed in the final report or form.

To print forms or reports you no longer need to create XSL stylesheets by hand or write complex programs to merge data. Creating the layout can now be done without programming using the intuitive GUI of XSL Report Designer. You can then save your design as an XSL Stylesheet or you can save it as a project file that can then be used with XSL Report Designer's Runtime Engine to produce XSL-FO with your XML data and layout merged into one file. With Antenna House XSL Formatter you can then format...

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XSL Report Designer updated
XSL Report Designer updated
June 12, 2012Versión del parche
XSL Report Designer V2.5 is licensed for use on one CPU. New Licenses come with 90 days maintenance, after which you will need to purchase the Annual Maintenance option to continue to receive...

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