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Xtra Charts Suite

XtraCharts is a comprehensive collection of 2D and 3D charts to address a broad range of business needs with ease. The Xtra Charts Suite has been engineered to dramatically simplify the way in which you visually present information to your end-users. Optimized for both performance and flexibility, the XtraCharts Suite is a highly customizable control library which can be leveraged in a nearly endless number of business scenarios, be it real-time charting or analysis of multi-dimensional data. The Suite ships with 37 2D chart views and 22 3D views.

Over 60 Chart Types
The Xtra Charts Suite helps you transform data to its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. To guarantee the highest levels of flexibility at both design and runtime, the Suite delivers dozens of 2D and 3D chart types - ranging from bars and doughnuts to line and financial views.

  • 2D Chart Types
  • 3D Chart Types
  • Financial Chart Types

Flexible Data Binding, Intuitive Design Time Tools
Chart your data - regardless of its source. Like other DevExpress data...

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Últimas novedades

XtraCharts Suite 2011 adds 8 new series views
XtraCharts Suite 2011 adds 8 new series views
Stacked Line, Full-Stacked Line, Step Area and Range Area series are now available both for 2D and 3D chart types.
XtraCharts Suite adds VS2010 support
XtraCharts Suite adds VS2010 support
Version 2010 vol 1 also adds annotation support, plus Side-by-Side Stacked and Side-by-Side Full-Stacked Bar series.
XtraCharts Suite updated to v2009 vol 3
XtraCharts Suite updated to v2009 vol 3
Latest release introduces Swift Plot view type, plus new models for 3D bars representation.

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To my mind, the main benefits of the XtraCharts suite are its flexibility and intuitive design-time support, combining with the great speed with which this product is growing and adopting new features... Leer más

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