Garantissez l’exactitude et la cohérence des documents XML

Janvier 30, 2024
Détectez les erreurs de façon anticipée et assurez l’intégrité des données en validant vos fichiers XML avec des règles prédéfinies.

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XML validation is the process of verifying an XML document's adherence to specific structural and data rules. While a well-formed document adheres to basic grammatical rules, a valid document additionally conforms to a predefined schema like DTD or XML Schema. This schema dictates element types, allowed values, and their relationships, ensuring consistency and data integrity. Validation, although optional, is crucial for data exchange and processing accuracy, particularly in mission-critical applications.

Several structured document tools support XML Validation including:

  • Oxygen XML Editor Enterprise validates XML against DTDs, XML Schemas, and RelaxNG schemas, offering visual schema editing and real-time error checking for comprehensive validation.
  • PrimalXML by SAPIEN Technologies supports DTD, XML Schema, and RelaxNG validation with customizable error reporting and integration with version control systems for efficient validation management.
  • Altova XMLSpy Enterprise XML Editor provides XML validation against various schema types, including DTDs, XML Schemas, and RelaxNG, with advanced features like schema inference and graphical validation.
  • Liquid Studio XML Editor Edition validates XML against DTDs and XML Schemas, with visual schema editing capabilities and integration with popular IDEs for streamlined validation within development workflows.

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