Affinez l’exploration de données à l’aide des barres de suivi de plage

Février 22, 2024
L’ajout d’une barre de suivi de plage à votre application Blazor permet aux utilisateurs de sélectionner le début et la fin d’une plage de données, facilitant ainsi le filtrage interactif.

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A range trackbar component, also known as a range slider, expands upon the standard trackbar by allowing users to select a range of values within a predefined minimum and maximum, instead of just a single point. This is achieved through two independent sliders or markers that define the lower and upper bounds of the chosen range. Range trackbars are commonly used in applications requiring filter selection, price range specification, or any scenario where choosing a continuous segment within a broader spectrum is necessary.

Several Blazor Data Editor controls offer range trackbars including:

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