Dynamic Web TWAIN 14,1

Amélioration de la méthode SelectSource() pour pouvoir l'utiliser en mode asynchrone.
Septembre 11, 2018 - 11:19
Nouvelle Version


  • ActiveX and Windows
    • Improved the SelectSource() method so that it can also be used asynchronously.
  • File Uploader
    • Updated the upload module so that the information returned from the server can be accessed in the callback functions of an upload job.
    • Added the version number of the library to the name of the library so that different versions of the library can co-exist.


  • HTML5
    • Fixed a bug with the event OnInternetTransferPercentage which doesn't fire when IfShowCancelDialogWhenImageTransfer is set to false.
    • Fixed a bug with the image editor where it stops responding after you scan or load new images without saving the currently modified image.
    • Fixed a bug with the image editor where it no longer adapts to the size change of the browser window after you pressed the scan button in its toolbar.
    • Fixed a bug that some files would fail to load when you drag and drop multiple TIFF files to load in Dynamic Web TWAIN.
    • Fixed a bug where loading a file from a path that is composed of Unicode characters would fail.
  • HTML5 and Windows
    • Fixed a bug where the multi-user service doesn't start under the Enhanced Mode.
  • HTML5 and macOS
    • Fixed a bug on macOS where the built-in Select-Source dialog appears to be too wide.
    • Fixed a bug on macOS where "Undefined" shows up as available sources.
    • Fixed a bug on macOS where you can't press Ctrl to select multiple zones on an image. Instead, you need to use the meta Key.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

Kit de développement logiciel de numérisation de documents sur navigateur.

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