Indigo.Design 18.2

Publiez vos plans directement depuis Sketch sur le cloud Indigo.Design.
Novembre 08, 2018 - 12:11
Nouvelle Version


  • Indigo.Design Sync for Sketch - New Plugin for Sketch lets you publish your artboards to the Indigo.Design cloud directly from Sketch.
  • Indigo Design System - The Indigo.Design UI Kits have been updated to support the latest Sketch features through shared Style and Type libraries. Also, you will notice additional Detail-Text Style within the Typography section of the Styling Library.
  • New components for the Design System - This new release improves some of the existing components to make them more flexible and easier to use. It also adds a number of data visualizations and elements for user inputs,to the list of supported components. Just like any other component in the Kit, these also map to their Ignite UI for Angular siblings and generate the same grade of code when passed on to the code generation engine. The list of new components includes the following:
    • Linear gauge
    • Bullet graph
    • Radial Gauge
    • Chips
    • Combo
    • Dropdown
  • Version history support for prototypes - Anytime you publish a change to your prototype, it automatically preserves a version.
  • Shared edit privileges for prototypes in group workspaces -Group workspaces on provide a shared space where members are co-owners of the prototypes. With this release, any group workspace member can make edits to the published prototypes as long as they belong to the workspace; even if they did not create the prototype themselves.
  • Custom viewport sizes - Sometimes your design does not have to be about a specific device. You may be designing for giant monitors or tiny watches. And for that reason, this release adds support for custom viewport sizes.
  • New device chromes - This release adds some of common device chromes (notched and notch-free variants).
Indigo.Design Sync for Sketch


Plate-forme unifiée de conception visuelle, de prototypage UX, de génération de code et de développement d'applications.

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