Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 18.2 Build 18.2.20182.186

Améliore les contrôles PivotGrid, PropertyGrid et DataChart.
Janvier 08, 2019 - 14:37
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  • When using Infragistics NuGet packages as PackageReference (VS2017), no satellite, .resources assemblies are created on build.


  • When using theming, the ItemContainerStyle of the XamComboEditor's ComboBox does not appear to respect local styles.


  • Dropdown list height is not correct when a list is filtered.
  • CustomValueEnteredAction Add is not working correctly with multiple selection.
  • XamComboEditor does not behave the same as MS Office.


  • DataChart's CalloutLayer throws InvalidCastException when LineSeries enables transition in animation.
  • DataChart's CalloutLayer does not update when changing properties at runtime.


  • DataRecordCellArea ForegroundHoverStyle does not do anything.
  • Null Reference Exception if XamDataGrid is bound to an empty object[] from XamDataTree.SelectedDataItems.
  • Slow scrolling with filters applied to many columns.
  • AutoEdit not possible with TemplateField.
  • Summary using calcmanager is taking a very long time to calculate/complete.
  • CalcManager Summary result is not displayed in a group by row when summary is added after rows are grouped.
  • Newly added records that are out of view are calculated before being brought into view even though DeferredCalculationsEnabled is enabled and the formulas only reference siblings.


  • Checking a large number of nodes at once performance has degraded.
  • When the horizontal scrollbar is removed from the template, keyboard navigation causes a Null Reference Exception.

Drag and Drop Framework

  • DragSnapshotElement doesn't appear while drag operation.


  • Filtering only works for alphabetic keystrokes when IsEditable=false.


  • Deleted legend entry appears in serialized chart.
  • ErrorBars WidthInPoints is not correct.
  • MajorUnitIsAuto/MinorUnitIsAuto are true when they should be false.
  • MajorUnit/MinorUnit not correct for TimeScale category axis.
  • Chart is misaligned at de-serialization.
  • Cannot set CategoryType.
  • MajorUnitScale is not serialized correctly.
  • Workbook get corrupted on saving after removing an axis from the collection.
  • Trendline is lost after chart modification.


  • When System Scale set to 125% scrolling causes columns to disappear.


  • XamNumericEditor crashes when clicking on SpinButton if SpinWrapBehavior is set to WrapAcrossSections.


  • Handled Key not found exception & data selector not refreshed when rebinding pivotgrid.


  • Tab navigation with XamDataGrid does not work.
  • Custom EditTemplates do not update correctly when multiple objects are displayed.


  • Japanese Yen character is displayed as back slash in XamRibbon even when OS display language is Japanese.
  • XamRibbonWindow's Maximize button and Close button become hidden when trying resizing while ResizeMode is changing.


  • Only single LineFeed is kept when LoadFromRtf loads an rtf file which has consecutive line feeds.
  • Odd behavior if diacritic is present in machine's current username, exporting to RTF, and opening in WordPad.
  • Font resets after inputing a new line and tab.
  • RTF Image serialization for .bmp is not compatible with WordPad.
  • Result is different after loading and re-saving special characters in RTF.
  • The differences between the URLs produced for the text editor on insert Vs. saving the HTML file.


  • My data has headers gets checked while disabled.
  • Sorting conditions are lost when applying My data has headers.
  • My data has headers gets unchecked on sorting.
  • NullReferenceException in  InfragisticsWPF4.Documents.Excel.v18.2.dll - Cut/Paste table, Undo, Cut.
  • UnderlineStyle for SingleAccounting does not underline the whole cell.


  • Unhandled exception setting TextUpdateMode to Overwrite.


  • IsTabStop="False" is ignored if IsAlwaysInEditMode is set to true.


  • The MetroDark LegendItemBadgeTemplate for a markerless line series is difficult to see.


  • Column rendering delays when ColumnWidth is set to Auto.
  • Sorting a filtered column clears the filter.
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Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF

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