Highcharts JS v7.1.0

Ajout de nouveaux types de graphique, notamment des graphiques Organization et Item (Parliament), ainsi que de nouvelles fonctionnalités d’accessibilité.
Avril 08, 2019 - 10:35
Nouvelle Version


  • Added Organization Chart series type.
  • Added Item Chart series type for visualizing item counts and parliaments.
  • Added Dependency Wheel series type.
  • Added Timeline series type.
  • Added 3D Pyramid and 3D Funnel series types.
  • Accessibility - improved experience for screen reader users, support for dynamic data and drilldown, as well as support for voice input software.
  • Added inactive states to series and points, allowing other series to be dimmed when the user is hovering the data or legend.
  • Added levels to sankey series.
  • Added annotation.events: add, afterUpdate and remove.
  • Added full screen capabilities to exporting module.
  • Added option treemap.events.setRootNode.
  • Added option xAxis.margin to ensure a distance between multiple axes on the same side.
  • Added options plotOptions.sankey.borderWidth and sankey.borderColor for sankey nodes.
  • Added force directed algorithm for improved packing of packed bubble charts.
  • Added support for nested packed bubbles.
  • Added Verlet integration for network graphs. Generally improved network graph algorithms.
  • Added data labels to links in network graphs.
  • Changed default X axis tickWidth option. Now tick marks are not rendered by default on category axes. Set the tickWidth to 1 to bring back the old behavior.
  • Renamed plotOptions.treemap.drillUpButton to traverseUpButton.


  • Fixed #10009, wrong tooltip size with useHTML and varying text lengths.
  • Fixed #10010, series.update destroyed points and lost their event handlers.
  • Fixed #10031, long dataLabels for pie with useHTML: true, were generated with width less than 0.
  • Fixed #10052, chart printing failed with error on IE11.
  • Fixed #10055, exporting custom annotation did not work for other types than SVG.
  • Fixed #10063, proximate legend layout did not account for axis top setting.
  • Fixed #10081, chart with parallelCoordinates was not resizing properly after update.
  • Fixed #10082, points below Y axis min in polar charts were drawn incorrectly.
  • Fixed #10101, bubble legend was duplicated with map module.
  • Fixed #10106, issue with the showEmpty feature.
  • Fixed #10107, legend navigation required overly precise clicks/touches.
  • Fixed #10115, vector and wind barb series didn't handle the clip option.
  • Fixed #10127, treemap removed old classNames on update.
  • Fixed #10131, error in draggable points after updating series.
  • Fixed #10160, stacking null points from the same series threw unhandled exception.
  • Fixed #10163, series.setData() did not remove old nodes for a networkgraph.
  • Fixed #10167, a regression causing unwanted padding on top of legends in some cases.
  • Fixed #10187, setData didn't update data when old data had null values and the same length.
  • Fixed #10213, relative chart height didn't apply in responsive chart.
  • Fixed #10220, visible parts on charts inside an element with visibility: hidden.
  • Fixed #10225, histogram produced additional bin on the end.
  • Fixed #10232, solid gauge series had wrong legend symbol.
  • Fixed #10243, offline export failed with boost and hidden series.
  • Fixed #10246, boost culling issue.
  • Fixed #10265, class names were applied multiple times to elements, causing selected pies not to unselect after redraw.
  • Fixed #10273, changing live data settings dynamically didn't take effect.
  • Fixed #10282, overlap larger than smallest circle in venn diagrams.
  • Fixed #10283, click events were not applied on scatter points with base tag present in Firefox.
  • Fixed #10286, responsive setting of showInLegend failed.
  • Fixed #10302, plot line events did not fire if the lines were initially outside visible range.
  • Fixed #10312, keyboard navigation with no data.
  • Fixed #10342, HTML split tooltip did not fade after series update if formatter returned a string.
  • Fixed #10347, annotation-bindings were not compatible with IE11.
  • Fixed #10350, compatibilty issue with IE11 and xrange.
  • Fixed #10352, replaced Math.sign() in networkgraph source code for IE compatibility.
  • Fixed #10417, simulation for packed bubble series did not stop when exporting chart.
  • Fixed #6234, some presentational options were not settable in zones in column series.
  • Fixed #6404, plot band labels were not aligned correctly in gauge chart.
  • Fixed #6894, yAxis.softMax didn't take effect on the other side of the zero plane.
  • Fixed #7048, tooltips didn't appear on null values in heatmap when in boost mode.
  • Fixed #7895, renamed and documented option in export-data module responsible for series data visibility in exported chart data - includeInDataExport.
  • Fixed #8766, chart crashed when misconfiguring plotOptions.
  • Fixed #8864, connectorColor didn't work for individual points.
  • Fixed #9087, malformed exported SVG when SVG elements were added inside useHTML labels.
  • Fixed #9128, #10025, histogram series had incorrect amount of free space between points.
  • Fixed #9233, data labels and tooltip formatting was not supported for null points in heatmap.
  • Fixed #9880, hover animation on xrange points was incorrect.
  • Fixed #9917, chart.update with initial pane options did not change the pane.
  • Fixed #9962, line series was not rendered in the boost mode, when all points were outside the extremes.
  • Fixed #9978, horizontal scrollbar on RTL charts with a11y module.
  • Fixed #10161, wrong extremes in single category axis.
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