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Boost Library est désormais disponible pour C++Builder et RAD Studio 10.3.1.
Mai 20, 2019 - 7:04
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Boost for C++Builder is now available in three flavours:

  • For Win32 Clang-enhanced compilers, Boost 1.68. This is a more recent version of Boost than has been distributed in the past. The new compiler introduced in 10.3, which supports C++17, also comes with an upgraded standard library / STL. It now supports many more of the Boost libraries. Some of the completely new ones since 1.55 include:
    • Boost.Sort introduced in 1.58, which has a number of sorting algorithms, and notably this includes "spreadsort, a general-case hybrid radix sort that is faster than O(n*log(n))" - great for performance.
    • Boost.Convert, introduced in 1.59, which is an "extensible and configurable type-conversion framework".
    • Boost.Hana, introduced in 1.61, a metaprogramming library for computations on both types and libraries. It is a superset of Boost.MPL and Boost.Fusion (both of which are also supported).
    • Boost.Metaparse, introduced in 1.61, a library for building compile-time parsers from a DSL; if you have your own language and need to parse it, this is compile-time not runtime like Spirit.
    • Boost.QVM, introduced in 1.62, a great quaternion, vector and matrix (thus 'QVM') library useful for 3D developers, simulations, and similar.
    • Boost.Mp11, introduced in 1.66, another metaprogramming library, this one "for compile-time manipulation of data structures that contain types".
    • Boost.Hof, introduced in 1.67, a library for higher-order functions.
    • These are just some some of the really useful libraries now available to you with C++Builder. Also supported are libraries like Boost.asio, a library for asynchronous network and other I/O; Boost.InterProcess for interprocess communication; Boost.lockfree for non-locking data structures; and more.
  • For Win64 Clang-enhanced compilers, Boost 1.55. This is the same version released for several years.
  • For Win32 classic compilers, Boost 1.39. It's recommend that you upgrade to Clang. However, it still ships the classic compiler and Boost.
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