HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint v16.5.0.0

Génération plus rapide des rapports et prise en charge de la collecte de données de recherche dans Microsoft SharePoint 2019.
Juin 24, 2019 - 11:31
Nouvelle Version


  • Data collection on usage of the Search on web-sites with modern user interface is now supported in Microsoft Sharepoint 2019.
  • New policy to allow data collection activation and deactivation by farm admin only has been added.
    (When this policy is not used - both Farm Admin and Site Collection Owner can manage data collection for the site collection.)
  • Changes in HarePoint Analytics timer jobs operation: now 'Processor of message queue' timer job is not disabled while 'Preliminary data preparation' timer job is running.
  • Many of the reports have been optimized for faster generation: Visits, Unused documents, Site summary and others.
  • The data preparation for the 'Visits' report has been optimized for speed.
  • The policy that allows report export in the old style has been added.
  • A new policy has been added: the policy limits the creation of a document library tree up to the current Site subscription (for multi-tenant systems) for automatic data export by subscription.
  • The web-part reports now allow comparison of two data ranges as it already did for the dashboard reports.


  • Automatic update for IP Database is fixed now.
  • The issue with modifications of web.config during solution installation or update has been fixed.
  • The problem with applying binary filters (for example filter 'Active Directory logons only') has been fixed.
  • The problem with Users' data double-encryption has been fixed. Also, the policy to activate users' data encryption has been added to the HarePoint Analytics Diagnostic utility.
  • The data collection for AD groups has been fixed.
  • Operations with the User profile service has been fixed.
  • The issue with data collection on Documents and List Items view on the sites with the modern UI on SharePoint 2019 has been fixed.
HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

Solution d'analyse Web pour les sites et les portails SharePoint.

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