DevExpress Reporting 19.1.4

Améliore le concepteur de rapports d’utilisateur WinForms et le générateur de requêtes WPF.
Juin 25, 2019 - 10:20
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ASP.NET Web Forms

  • ASPxWebDocumentViewer - It is not possible to submit the empty multi-value report parameter due to a validation error


  • A multicolumn detail report is printed over content of a master report
  • A red cross appears when expanding hierarchical subreport data
  • A report generates an additional page in the exported *.DOCX file
  • End-User Report Designer - Blank labels and products are shown on the "Select the Label Type" wizard page if the application is localized
  • End-User Report Designer - Custom menu items provided via IMenuCreationService are not shown in the Field List panel
  • End-User Report Designer - It is possible to set the GetValue script for a calculated field even if the script execution mode is set to Deny
  • End-User Report Designer - System.NullReferenceException is thrown on managing queries in Design Mode after a hierarchical group is collapsed in Preview Mode
  • Export to PDF - A report with PictureBox that uses the ImageUrl property to load an image generates a larger PDF file than in a report where the image was loaded via the ImageSource property
  • Hierarchical Data - A control bound to the DrillDownExpanded property doesn't change its state
  • Hierarchical Reports - A hierarchical report cannot be created at a detail report level
  • Hierarchical Reports - A TargetException occurs when JsonDataSource in "Child List Field Name" mode is used as a data source
  • Images whose ImageUrl property is specified disappear when a report parameter is submitted
  • LabelControl / XRLabel - Different baseline for HTML-formatted text
  • Multiline text is trimmed in a cell with a row span
  • Page header incorrectly uses previous page data when an item lines up with the end of the previous page and XRSubreport is used
  • Parameters Panel - An integer parameter editor provides a way to pass a string value to a parameter
  • Reports Merging - Document scaling works incorrectly with a subreport that generates its own pages
  • Reports Merging - Top and Bottom margins of a subreport that generates its own pages are printed on master report pages after the subreport pages
  • SqlDataSource - Required queries execution - Embedded Fields from a non-default data member do not display data
  • Summary is calculated incorrectly in version 18.2 in a specific report
  • The Page Break property is disabled if the 'Report Every Page' property is checked
  • The 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: docData' error occurs in the Visual Studio Report Designer when assigning an image source for the XRPictureBox control if a project type is Web Site
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - A trial message about using the XtraLayout control appears on opening a report even if the licensed WPF or ASP.NET subscription is installed
  • XtraReport - A file cannot be exported to DOCX format with the specified settings
  • XtraReport - Calculated Fields do not work with Mail Merge (the subreport issue)
  • XtraReport -  Complex type deserialization does not work after registering IOneTypeObjectConverter
  • XtraReport performance in Hashcode calculation
  • XtraReport.ExportToMail -  The XRPictureBox.Sizing mode is not preserved in Outlook


  • DocumentPreviewControl - A click on the token's delete button shows the look-up list instead of deleting it
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Page settings are not applied to printer settings
  • Editing the XRLabel.Text property in the smart tag deletes text in a control
  • How to localize tooltips in the Property Grid's pane
  • QueryBuilder - Incorrect column width in the 'Tables' list box
  • System.NullReferenceException when scrolling a document when continuous scrolling is disabled and a page layout is set to 'Two pages'
  • The Page Setup Dialog incorrectly displays the size of all ISO A paper kinds
  • The SaveLayout method generates DuplicateSerializationIDException
  • WPF End-User Report Designer - It is not possible to specify an expression for the Style property in a new office-inspired property grid
  • WPF Report Designer - Pivot Grid Designer - Data is not displayed in the Layout tab after previewing a report in the designer
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