Dynamic Web TWAIN 15

Ajoute une nouvelle méthode startScan qui accélère le démarrage des analyses et bien d'autres nouvelles fonctionnalités encore.
Juillet 02, 2019 - 9:40
Nouvelle Version


HTML5 and Windows

  • Added a new method startScan which accepts a JSON object that specifies all the scan parameters. This makes it simpler and even faster to initiate a scan job. At the same time, you can specify how you want the scanned data to be processed by adding extra output parameters in the same JSON object.
  • Added a new event OnPostTransferAync as the asynchronous counterpart to the existing synchronous event OnPostTransfer. Information about the transferred image is returned in the event listener.
  • Added a new PDF core DLL as the default engine for PDF encoding & decoding. This new PDF DLL has added support for JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression types.
  • Added a new method PDF.Write.Setup which accepts a JSON object that contains all the parameters needed for creating PDF files.
  • Improved the method SetFileXferInfo so that you can specify a naming pattern for the transferred images when the transfer mode is Disk File.

HTML5 and Mac

  • Added a new file libDynamicImg.dylib to the macOS edition which provides functionalities equal to those provided by the file DynamicImage.dll on Windows. Essentially, this file offers better image encoding and decoding.


  • Added a pair of methods IndexToImageID and ImageIDToIndex which converts the index of an image to its image id or vice versa. The id of an image is an unique number that can be used to specify the image.
  • Added a new event OnIndexChangeDragDropDone which is triggered when you drag and drop images to resort them in the viewer. The event returns the from and to indices for the operation.
  • Improved the method AcquireImage by adding two more options IfGetImageInfo & IfGetExtImageInfo to its parameter optionalDeviceConfig which are true by default and means extra image info will be returned with each transferred image.
  • Improved the performance of Dynamsoft Service by allowing two time-consuming operations to occur concurrently. The affected methods are ConvertToBlob, ConvertToBase64, GenerateURLForUploadedData as well as a few HTTP Upload methods.
  • Improved service connecting efficiency by removing optional ports and use the same ports no matter it's 64bit service or 32bit. Also, during initialization, JavaScript will attempt to connect to the core scan module directly instead of connecting to the service first.
  • Improved the functions ConvertToBase64, ConvertToBlob, GenerateURLForUploadData, HTTPUpload, HTTPUploadAllThroughPostAsMultiPageTIFF, HTTPUploadAllThroughPostAsPDF, HTTPUploadThroughPost, HTTPUploadThroughPostAsMultiPagePDF, HTTPUploadThroughPostAsMultiPageTIFF, HTTPUploadThroughPostEx so that the current indices of the images which were operated on in these methods are returned in the callback functions. This is due to the fact that the indices might have changed during these time-consuming operations.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

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