Dynamic .NET TWAIN 8.1

Les nouvelles méthodes AcquireImage renvoient des informations supplémentaires lors d'un transfert d'images.
Décembre 04, 2019 - 11:09
Nouvelle Version


  • Added SetDPI method to change the DPI (dots per inch) of an image specified by an index.
  • Added SetOpenSourceTimeout method to set the time-out used when opening a specified Data Source.
  • Improved the AcquireImage method by adding two more options IfGetImageInfo and IfGetExtImageInfo which means extra info will be returned with each transferred image.
  • Improved the SetFileXFERInfo method so that you can specify a naming pattern for the transferred images when the transfer mode is Disk File.
  • Added Image Editor Sample.


  • Fxxed the memory leak issue of the Webcam Capture Sample.
  • Fixed a bug where the captured images in the container do not rotate when the video stream has been rotated.
  • Fixed a bug where loading PDF file throws an exception when Convert Mode is set to Auto.


Dynamic .NET TWAIN

Dynamic .NET TWAIN

Capturez des images à partir d'une webcam et d'un scanner pour vos applications WinForms et WPF.

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