Highcharts JS v8.0.0

Inclut un nouveau graphique à barres de type radial ainsi que le tri de données accompagné d'animations.
Décembre 12, 2019 - 13:51
Nouvelle Version


  • Added new series type, radial bar chart. Under the hood, this is a column series in an inverted and polar chart.
  • Added data sorting with animations on update.
  • Added marker clusters for scatter point series.
  • Added new option accessibility.linkedDescription.
  • Added new accessibility options with more flexibility for customizing the hidden screen reader regions.
  • Added flame chart demo.


  • Fixed #12053 and #12152, pattern fill issues. Introduced color.patternIndex option.
  • Fixed #7255, trying to printing chart again, after cancelling in Safari, elements other than chart were not hidden.
  • Fixed #12488, selection zoomed to wrong area in the Treemap series.
  • Fixed issue with wrong extremes for bubble series when xAxis.max set.
  • Fixed #12549, disabling keyboard nav still added container tabindex.
  • Fixed #12438, a regression causing the reset zoom button not to work with the a11y module on mobile.
  • Fixed #12462, filename with forward slash (/) not being replaced with safe character when exported. Now replaced with -.
  • Fixed issue with data labels visible despite point placed outside the plot area, see #12370.
  • Fixed #12343, noData message was not visible with gauge series. Added 1 as default zIndex to render the message in front.
  • Fixed #12500, updating dataLabel color from contrast to a different one was not working.
  • Fixed #12459, annotation's control points were not draggable.
  • Fixed #12425, updating sunburst series used to disable traversing.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with menu navigation for screen readers.
  • Fixed #12161, legend textDecoration hidden style not working on IE11 with accessibility module enabled.
  • Improved handling of null point accessibility.
  • Fixed #12090, a11y module broke legend navigation.
  • Fixed minor bugs with keyboard navigation.
  • Fixed #12434 and #12097, regression in venn series label positioning causing JavaScript error.
  • Fixed #12445, updating borderColor and borderWidth didn't work for solid gauge series.
  • Fixed #12421, high contrast mode used to throw errors when the colorAxis module was not loaded.
  • Fixed #12390, not overlapping dataLabels after zoom in and zoom out were hidden.
  • Fixed #12262, Sunburst did not use 100% of the plot area.
  • Fixed #12374, sankey nodes were rearranged after redraw where the nodes.level option was used.
  • Fixed #12295, null was used as event listener in drilldown module, which caused a JavaScript error when called.
  • Fixed #12335, memory leaks in polar series after updating data set.
  • Fixed #12333, setting data in treemap series with points with the same ID's did not render new points.
  • Fixed #12289, sonification timeline issues with multiple charts.
  • Fixed #11617, support tooltip.split with chart.scrollablePlotArea.
  • Fixed #12267, error in waterfall chart when the series was invisible and the first value was below 0.
  • Fixed #12248, the Y axis' range was disturbed on stacked (overlapping) waterfall chart.
  • Fixed #11758, stackLabels in styled mode used to throw errors.
Highcharts Radial Bar Chart.

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