YouTrack 2019.3

Ajoute de nouvelles intégrations associées aux systèmes de gestion de version.
Décembre 23, 2019 - 15:47
Nouvelle Version


  • Redesigned Issues List - Now you can switch to dark mode, use the convenient sidebar and toolbar, choose which fields you want visible on the Issues List, use actions to select and to apply a command to all of issues at the same time.
  • HTML Support in Markdown - Enhance issue descriptions, comments, and text fields with collapsible blocks, custom text colors, line breaks in table cells, and much more.
  • Issue Activity Feed Widget - You can now display a stream of issue-related activity for a variety of predefined event categories. Configure widgets for your dashboard to track updates in different projects or monitor changes applied by specific users.
  • New Integrations with Version Control Systems - You can now link your YouTrack projects to repositories that are hosted on a Bitbucket Server, Gogs, or Gitea installation.
  • New Language Options - This release adds the option to select additional languages that are supported by community-based localization. Start working with YouTrack in simplified Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Korean. These language options are available at the global level or as a per-user preference.
  • Improved Navigation for Reports - The Reports page sports an updated sidebar that gives you one-click access to all your favorite reports and hides the ones you don’t use.
  • Automatically Add New Issues Option for Kanban Boards - The option to automatically add new issues is now available for agile boards that don't use sprints. This helps teams that follow a Kanban flow manage all of their issues in one place.
  • Formatting Improvements for Code Blocks - This release enhances the appearance of fenced code blocks in Markdown. Blocks of code in a specified language display a language tag and line numbers for the code. Blocks that are specified as text appear in a monospace font without syntax highlighting.
  • Links to Attachments in Markdown - Add direct links to files that are attached to an issue. Instead of making other users guess which attachment you're talking about, just point to it directly.
  • Pre-authenticated Issue Attachment URLs - This release adds token validation to issue attachment URLs. Files that are attached to issues can be shared on behalf of the user who copied the URL.
  • Historical Project IDs - While your projects evolve and grow, you can freely change your project IDs without breaking any external links to them. YouTrack now stores the collection of IDs that were previously used as issue prefixes in a project. When you change the ID in a project, the IDs for the issues in this project are also updated. External links to issues that use historical project IDs are redirected to issues that use the current project ID.
  • Extended Support for Archived Values in Custom Fields - The option to archive values in fields that store data as a version is now extended to values in additional fields that store enumerated types. Retire values that you no longer want to use without applying unwanted updates to large batches of issues.
  • Token-based Authorization for TeamCity Integrations - The settings for integrations with TeamCity now accept a token for authorization instead of a username and password. You no longer need to store your personal passwords in the integration settings and can freely update your passwords without breaking integrations.
  • Permanent Token Generation for Other Users - Users who have sufficient permissions can now generate permanent tokens on behalf of users who have lower levels of permission in YouTrack. Authenticate logins that support third-party integrations even when the connection requires a second authentiction factor.
  • Java 11 Support - YouTrack is now compatible with Java SE 11 and no longer relies on Java 8.
Redesigned Issues List


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