Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 7.3

Prend en charge les codes-barres RM4SCC, Intelligent Mail (USPS), Postnet, Planet et Australia Post.
Janvier 03, 2020 - 11:46
Nouvelle Version


  • Added a new barcode type: Postal codes. Includes USPS Intelligent Mail, Postnet, Planet, Australia Post and RM4SCC.
  • Added a new localization mode LM_STATISTICS_POSTAL_CODE in the struct PublicRuntimeSettings -> LocalizationModes to recognize Postal codes.
  • Added the capability to obtain accompanying texts at the top or bottom of a linear barcode.
  • Implemented the ability to recognize distorted QR barcodes.
  • Implemented the ability to complement missing parts of QR Code and DataMatrix barcodes.
  • Added a new setting AutoFilter to set whether to filter frames automatically in the struct FrameDecodingParameters.
  • Added a new setting ScaleUpModes to set the scale-up mode for linear barcodes with small module size.
  • Improved decoding accuracy for Data Matrix barcodes that have a narrow quiet zone.
  • Improved decoding accuracy for 1D barcodes that have small module size.
USPS Intelligent Mail, Postnet, Planet, Australia Post and RM4SCC barcodes

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