YouTrack 2020.1

Ajoute des réactions et de nouveaux paramètres de champs personnalisés, et améliore l’intégration du VCS.
Mai 18, 2020 - 13:48
Nouvelle Version


  • Reactions - Reactions let you add quick responses to comments in YouTrack.
  • In-context Translations - The YouTrack user interface is localized to English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. There is also an option to switch to one of the languages supported by the user community: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese. This release makes it even easier for users of these community-supported languages to make a difference. When you switch to the in-context translation mode, all parts of the UI that have not yet been translated will be highlighted, and you will be able to suggest translations for them without leaving the application. Once approved by JetBrains, your translations will become visible to everyone who uses YouTrack in your language.
  • Group-based visibility for custom fields - This release extends the options for granting access to custom issue fields for particular user groups. Now project administrators can create one dedicated user group that defines who can see particular fields, and another that sets who can update them.
  • Improvements in VCS and TeamCity Integrations - This release improves integration between YouTrack and TeamCity, Upsource, and VCS hosting services like GitHub.
  • Permission to ‘Apply commands silently’ - This new permission is granted to project and system administrators by default, and they can grant permission to other users. It allows you to perform massive changes to issues without notifying everybody who is watching them.
  • Swagger - YouTrack 2020.1 features a built-in Swagger Open API 3.0 definition file. It offers an easy way to explore the YouTrack REST API, which allows you to integrate your application with YouTrack.


L’outil de gestion de projets conçu pour les équipes organisées.

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