Entity Developer V6.8.1019

Améliore la génération de code.
Juin 18, 2020
Nouvelle Version


  • New Primitive Default Value Generation property added to Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, NHibernate and Telerik Data Access templates to determine whether to generate initialization for a primitive property, based on database DEFAULT column value.
  • New property "Nullable Reference Types" added to C# templates to specify whether C# 8 nullable reference types and non-nullable reference types must be generated.
  • Code generation when assigning DateTime.Now to the DateTime property (mapped to MySQL datetime column) with the default value CURRENT_DATE or CURDATE() is now supported when Primitive Default Value Generation=LiteralOrExpression (MySQL Connector/Net).
  • Added the ability to search for available System.Data.SQLite (with SQLite.Interop.dll dependency) and FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient providers in local NuGet cache.
  • Console Entity Developer improvements:
    • Added support for importing stored procedures and functions via the Create-Model command.
    • New options --Procedures and --Functions added to Create-Model command for filtering stored procedures and functions.
    • New option --Execute added to Create-Model command for executing procedures/functions to get metadata from a result set.
    • The asterisk symbol (*) is now supported in --Tables and --Views parameters in Create-Model.
  • Updated list of keywords and reserved words in Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Optimized the retrieval of Microsoft SQL Server metadata from cross-schema foreign keys.
Entity Developer

Entity Developer

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