DevExpress Office File API 20.1.6

Améliore les API PDF, traitement de texte et feuilles de calcul.
Juillet 16, 2020 - 15:00
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All Office File API products

  • Export - Font size in the metafile with the 'Display' graphics unit is calculated incorrectly.
  • Parsing - Annotations with an invalid reference to an appearance form dictionary cannot be parsed.

NuGet Packages

  • DevExpress NuGet Server - The "406 (Not Acceptable)" error returns when trying to install a non-DevExpress NuGet package.

PDF Document API

  • Cloning - Interactive form fields without a name cannot be cloned.
  • Form Flattening - A form is written incorrectly if the BBox value of its field appearance has zero width or height.
  • Metafile - EmfPlusSave and EmfPlusRestore record execution doesn't affect the PageUnit value.
  • Parsing - A document containing an annotation dictionary without 'Rect' key cannot be processed.
  • Parsing - Document text is incorrect if a font has invalid character mapping data.
  • PdfDocumentProcessor does not load entire text.
  • Text Extraction - Provide an API to extract text from the page without clipping.
  • Usability - Support adding revocation information to PDF signatures and document level timestamps.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • Export - 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException' is thrown under a non-Microsoft Windows OS on an attempt to process the OpenType Variable Font..
  • System.OutOfMemoryException is thrown on Microsoft Azure in certain cases even if the DevExpress.Utils.AzureCompatibility.Enable option is enabled.

Word Processing Document API

  • Multithreading - RichEditDocumentServer hangs on exporting a document to plain text in a parallel loop if the LayoutCalculationMode property is set to Automatic.
  • Export to PDF - A document contains an additional blank page at the beginning after it was exported to PDF.
  • Export to PDF - Metafile with an EmfPlusDrawImagePoints record and a non-default SrcRect value is exported incorrectly.
  • Export to Rtf - The System.Drawing.Graphics.GetHdc method crashes with ArgumentException retrieving Rtf text from RepositoryItemRichTextEdit.
  • Import from DOCX - An OpenXml document with an invalid record for the numbered list item cannot be opened.
  • Import from Html - The height attribute of the HTML <img> tag is imported in millimeters.
  • Protection - The "Fill in Forms" protection mode isn't preserved on saving a document.
  • Usability - It is impossible to specify the "Company", "Manager", "Template", "AppVersion" and "Application" document properties.
DevExpress Office File API

DevExpress Office File API

Lisez et écrivez des fichiers Word et Excel, créez et modifiez des documents PDF, générez des codes-barres et des archives compressées.

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