LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK v21

Apporte des mises à jour à SDK Streaming, et ajoute de nouveaux codecs et filtres.
Août 28, 2020 - 15:01
Nouvelle Version


New in the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Engine

  • Multimedia SDK Updates
    • Faster ISO format capture and conversion.
    • New live audio processor to detect and fill dropped audio samples.
  • Updates to Streaming SDK
    • MPEG-2 transport error detection option added to the LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Multiplexer.
    • Streaming server can use MPEG-2 Transport files for all protocols.
    • Streaming server can use DICOM files as source files.
  • Updates to Media Foundation Components
    • New Media Foundation target formats:
      • 3GP: Video (H264) - Audio (AAC and AMRNB).
      • MP3.
      • MPEG-2: Video (H264, HEVC) - Audio (AAC, AAC-ADTS, AC3, MP3, and MPEG-2 Audio).
      • WAVE: Audio only (MP3, PCM, and FLOAT).
      • FLAC.
      • FMPEG4: Video (H264) - Audio (AAC, AC3, and ALAC).
      • AVI: Video (Uncompressed video colors, M-JPEG) - Audio (PCM).
      • MPEG-2 Transport: Video (H264 and HEVC) - Audio (AAC, AAC-ADTS, AC3, MP3, and MPEG-2 Audio).
      • ADTS: Audio (AAC and AAC-ADTS).
      • AC-3: Audio (Dolby AC-3 Audio).
    • Update Media Foundation targets with new audio and video formats
      • MP4: Added audio formats (AC3, ALAC, and FLAC).
      • MKV: Added new video formats (VP8 and VP9) and new audio format (OPUS).
    • Added support for .webm format to LEAD MKV media source.
    • Added support to select between available hardware and software encoders.
    • Added new decoders, encoders and target format:
      • LEAD MCMW Decoder.
      • LEAD MJ2K Decoder.
      • LEAD MCMP Decoder.
      • LEAD MJPEG Decoder.
      • LEAD MJPEG Encoder.
      • AVI Target format.

New in LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine

  • Xamarin Camera
    • Added control of preview size and frame rate.
  • New Image Processing Functions
    • Extract Object - Extracts connected groups of pixels from an image.
    • Canny Edge Detector.
    • Forms Field Detector.
  • Updates to Formats
    • Optimized memory usage for J2K format.
    • Expanded J2K support to include some files that do not follow the specification.
    • Added support to load 8-bit TIFF and PNG files with 8-bit alpha for transparency.
    • Added support for ANSI, UTF7, UTF8, UTF16LE, UTF16BE encoded text files.
    • Added support to load CGM files saved with text encoding.
    • Added support to render Medium Map Overlay for AFP (MODCA) documents.

Additional Changes

  • New powerful Xamarin demos that show more features of LEADTOOLS in a Xamarin development environment. These new demos are designed to look like end-user applications, but the source code for them is included so that anyone can get a head start. Below are some of the new demos included in version 21:
    • Annotations Demo.
    • Barcode Demo.
    • Business Card Reader Demo.
    • Camera Demo.
    • Converter Demo.
    • DICOM Demo.
    • Document Viewer Demo.
    • Image Processing Demo.
    • Live Filter Demo.
    • MICR Demo.
    • OCR Demo.
  • Maven repository for Android.

Changes to the LEADTOOLS Product Line in Version 21

  • The following products have been renamed:
    • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to LEADTOOLS Document.
    • LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging to LEADTOOLS Recognition.
    • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite to LEADTOOLS Document Suite.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging to LEADTOOLS Medical.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite to LEADTOOLS Medical Suite.
  • The following products have been added.
    • LEADTOOLS Forms - includes all features of the LEADTOOLS Recognition product, including ICR, MICR, MRZ, and OMR, plus forms recognition and processing.
  • The following products have been removed.
    • LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging - functionality moved into the LEADTOOLS Medical product.
    • LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module - functionality moved into the LEADTOOLS Medical product.
    • LEADTOOLS Dental Display Module.
  • The LEADTOOLS Document Suite and the Medical family of products include all features of LEADTOOLS Multimedia.
LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK

Développez des applications audiovisuelles pour des activités très différentes.

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