TX Text Control .NET for WPF Professional X19

Ajout de la prise en charge intégrée de code-barre.
Décembre 04, 2020 - 9:56
Nouvelle Version


  • Leaders between Tabs - The space between tabs can show dots, dashes, or other "leader" characters to line up information. You can add content between tab positions and when you press "Tab", a line will appear with the defined characters. The formatting is added to each new line until you change the leader. The tab settings dialog box has been extended to support the leader settings between tabs.
  • Integrated Barcode Support - In the new release, barcode support is directly integrated into TX Text Control without the dependency on optional products. You can add fast and accurate 1D and 2D barcodes to your Microsoft .NET based applications. Integrate barcodes into reports, invoices and mail merge templates. Generated barcodes are optimized for printing and on-screen scanning.
  • PDF Embedded Files - PDF files with attachments can be created and imported to retrieve and process embedded attachments such as electronic invoices. A fully functional out-of-the-box sidebar is available that can be used to adjust the document settings and to add/remove the attached documents.
  • AcroForms: Extracting Forms Data - The DocumentServer has been extended with a new namespace: TXTextControl.DocumentServer.PDF. Interactive forms in the Adobe PDF format are also known as AcroForms. The forms can be created and exported using so that end-users can fill-out these form fields in Adobe Acrobat Reader or other applications.
    • Version X19 allows the easy extraction of form field data to collect results from completed documents.
  • Manipulating MergeBlockInfo Objects - Typically, a merge block is used to repeat content such as table rows. The MailMerge class uses the hierarchical data to repeat the content and to populate fields with data in that block. Filters, sorting instructions and rendering conditions can be defined through a dialog box, or when adding a merge block programmatically through the MergeBlockInfo class. An extension in provides a way to create a MergeBlockInfo instance based on an existing merge block SubTextPart.
  • Search within PDF Documents - The namespace TXTextControl.DocumentServer.PDF.Contents contains the new class Lines that can be used to import text coordinates from a PDF document. The Find method can be used to search for strings and to get information about the location of that string.
    • Other implementations of the Find method allows to search for a regular expression or to search for lines in a specific range such as a rectangle or a radius.
Integrated barcode support

TX Text Control .NET for WPF Professional

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