Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF V4.1

Améliore les contrôles AvalonDock, Chart et PropertyGrid.
Janvier 26, 2021 - 15:30
Nouvelle Version


  • AvalonDock:
    • Added new CanFloatBehindMainWindow property which can now be used to make floatingWindow float behind the DockingManager; the floatingWindow's focus is now handled through this new property.
  • Chart:
    • Using DateTime tick labels now always shows the requested number of ticks.
  • CheckComboBox and CheckListBox:
    • Added new ItemSelectionChanging event to cancel a selection/deselection.
  • PropertyGrid:
    • Properties of type Collection/Array/Dictionary, which only contains a getter, can now be opened with their editor, but not edited.
    • The expander background color SystemColors.ControlBrush can now be easily overridden.
    • The new PropertyNameTextWrapping property can now be used to wrap long property names.
    • The propertyValueChanged event is now raised when a PropertyItem of type IEnumerable is modified through the CollectionEditor.
    • Using a ComboBox editor for PropertyItems when PropertyGrid.IsReadOnly property is true now prevents from you modifying the comboBox value.
    • Using the SelectedObjectsOverride property and calling a PropertyItem.Instance now returns the instances of all the selected objects.
  • SplitButton:
    • DropDownButton and MultiLineTextEditor, the ContentStringFormat property can now be used to format a content string.
  • TimeSpanUpDown:
    • Incrementing when no value is set and CurrentDateTimePart is set now increments the corresponding dateTime part.
    • When the property ShowDays is true, the control now always displays the days in a "00" format, even when there are 0 days.
  • WizardPage for UI Automation:
    • The TextBlocks for page title and page description can now be used with "Accessibility Insight" tools.
Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF

Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF

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