Studio Controls for COM v6.0

Améliore les contrôles Calendar, Gauge et Image.
Janvier 28, 2021 - 15:17
Nouvelle Version


  • ctxCalendar v4.0.0.0:
    • Enhancements and upgrades include:
      • Appointment information line.
      • Enhanced gesture handling.
      • Appointment resize enhancements.
      • Appointment edit window fill.
      • Appointment border enhancements.
      • Appointment image management.
      • Enhanced how the control hides the edit window when focus is lost so that the appointment remains selected.
      • Adjusted when the resize handles are stored in the internal hit-test array, to enforce their Z-Order priority over other appointments.
      • Adjusted the painting routines so that any selected appointment (read-only or not) in any view is displayed using the thicker selected border.
  • ctxGauge v3.0.0.1:
    • Enhanced graphics features for Needle.
    • Improved Path and Pin primary elements.
    • Internal Image List has been enhanced to manage up to 250 images.
  • ctxHTML v1.0.0.1:
    • Added new ActiveX HTML Browser Control - Browse sites on the Worldwide Web, as well, folders on a local file system.
  • ctxImage v1.0.0.1:
    • Added new Image List Control - Internal image list management for up to 250 images and/or 250 image paths.
  • ctxToolbar v3.0.0.1:
    • Internal Image List has been enhanced to manage up to 250 images.
    • Added new Button Count - Count all top level items in the control.
    • Added new Item Count - Count of all items in the control.
    • You can now set Tooltip for items disabled in the control.
Studio Controls for COM

Studio Controls for COM

Logiciel testé en situation avec une interface Windows moderne et des composants d'ordonnancement pour les IDE reposant sur des objets COM.

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