/n software Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 1 2021

Ajoute de nouveaux toolkits "Cloud Mail" et "Cloud Keys".
March 01, 2021 - 11:37
Nouvelle Version


Cloud Keys

  • Cloud Keys is a new product providing key and secret management with popular cloud services including:
    • Amazon KMS.
    • Amazon Secrets.
    • Microsoft Azure Key Vault.
    • Google KMS.
    • Google Secrets.

Cloud Mail

  • Cloud Mail is a new toolkit focused on connecting to cloud-based email services. Send, receive and manage email in popular cloud-based mail services including:
    • Amazon SES.
    • Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Outlook).
    • GMail.

AES Drive

  • AES Drive (Beta) is an easy-to-use utility that keeps files securely encrypted on disk. Your decrypted files are available at your fingertips yet always remain encrypted on disk.
    • Strong XTS-AES 256 encryption maintains file security at all times.
    • Portable file format allows off-site backups and migration between systems.
    • Optional session timeout to automatically protect drives.
    • Publicly documented file format based on standard algorithms avoids vendor lock-in.


  • The latest release of the BizTalk Adapters and SSIS Tasks includes new support for popular cloud storage services and IoT messaging protocols.
    • AzureFile.
    • Box.
    • Google Drive.
    • Microsoft OneDrive.
    • AMQP (1.0).
    • AMQP Classic (0.9.1).
    • MQTT (3.11 and 5.0).

SecureBlackbox 2020

  • The latest release of SecureBlackbox brings new features and functionality, including:
    • New DTLSClient and DTLSServer components.
    • Azure Key Vault support in Certificate storage.
    • Certificate extensions fully supported.
    • New key derivation methods available.
    • DCAuth support for PSS.
    • PGP hidden recipient support.
    • Expanded sample projects.

Additional Releases

  • Other notable releases included in the update:
    • Added S3 Drive write support.
    • Added SFTP Server virtual users and support for encryption at rest.
    • Added Qt 6.0 support.
    • Added Microsoft .NET 5 support.
    • Updated JavaScript editions.
    • NetCmdlets adds Microsoft PowerShell 7 support.
    • EDITranslator performance improvements.
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