TX Text Control .NET for WPF Professional X19 SP2

Améliore la barre latérale, les champs d’application et les filtres textuels.
Avril 22, 2021 - 9:13
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Text Filters

  • Link stops working if document is exported to PDF.
  • Text is displayed in white and not visible in DOCX document.
  • Image is not displayed in DOCX document.
  • Document causes 01-2431 error.
  • DOCX filter issue with font inheritance.
  • Paragraph border color is not applied in RTF.
  • Microsoft Excel Filter: 1-1D09 error when loading file.

Text Fields

  • DocumentTargets can be deleted although the Deleteable property has been set to false.
  • Split TextField is created when table row is added.
  • Drag&Drop within TextField.
  • Exception "Invalid property value. (01-1E07)" is thrown in the TextFieldEntered event if a table row, which contains text fields, is deleted through the context menu.


  • Insert ComboBox-FormField via dialog throws Rounding Exception with English-Region Settings.


  • FieldNavigatorSidebar Property causes System.ArgumentException when used in a UserControl.


  • AcroForm fields: Checkbox value is always "false".

Application Fields

  • TypeName causes IndexOutOfRange Exception.


  • Invalid QR code with a specific string length.
TX Text Control .NET for WPF Professional

TX Text Control .NET for WPF Professional

Ajoutez l’édition et la création de documents, ainsi que la génération de PDF à vos applications WPF.

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