Spread.NET 14.2

Nouvelle option stick-to-edge pour les éléments figés.
Juillet 29, 2021 - 14:13
Nouvelle Version


  • Frozen Trailing Stick-To-Edge Option - This enhancement affects the layout of frozen trailing columns and rows. These columns are always displayed on the right side, or on the left if RightToLeft is true. This new feature allows you to set a new property, FpSpread.FrozenTrailingStickToEdge.
  • Frozen Line Color - The Frozen Line Color lets you specify a color for the lines drawn between the non-scrollable and scrollable areas of the worksheet.
  • Clipboard Paste To Visible Cells Only - This feature improvement is only available when using the new RichClipboard enhancement added in v14. RichClipboard is not enabled by default, so users must explicitly enable it to operate a paste to visible cells.
  • Hide Outline For Row and Column Groups - The Hide Outline For Row and Column Groups feature allows users to hide the outline for row and/or column outline groups. It also removes the user's ability to expand or collapse the outline row and/or column groups while the outline is hidden.
Frozen Trailing Stick-To-Edge Option


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