Enterprise Architect v16.0 (Build 1605)

Améliore l'analyseur d'exécution et le chargement des diagrammes.
Juin 10, 2022 - 15:21
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  • Diagramming
    • Improved loading of diagrams.
  • UML
    • The 'SendSignalAction' docked properties window now allows you to edit 'Signal', 'Argument' and 'Condition'.
    • Self-connectors on sequence diagrams have been improved with easier to use selection handles.
    • Added new rule: UML Class may own UML CollaborationUse.
    • Interaction points window will now list the target pin of 'SendSignal Actions'.
  • User Interface
    • Creation of new profile relationships in matrix view now includes the intended stereotype.
    • Docked properties window now automatically saves tab changes when switching context.
    • Improved Swimlane Details dialog so Swimlane classifier is assigned when opened.
  • Reviews & Discussions
    • Improved readability of Element Discussion and Review compartments by removing HTML format tags and ensuring items are displayed in the same order as their respective docked windows.
    • Manage Reviews window has been updated to include new columns that allow filtering on Review Approver and Topic names.
  • Simulation
    • Added support for "at literals" for DMN decision table's input and output.
    • Enhanced DMN Expression Parser to support multiple 'At Literals' in the expression.
    • Improved DMN simulation performance by avoiding repeated evaluation of dependent decisions.
    • Updated SysML Simulation to handle new versions of Modelica/OpenModelica.
    • Added new 'pre-process' option to SysML simulation. When enabled this will pre-process the model according the SysPhS specifications.
    • Updated SysML Simulation to conform to latest SysPhS 1.1 specification.
    • Various improvements to SysML Simulation using SysPhS.
    • Added support for runtime evaluation on all variables by explicitly defining variable scope before usage.
    • Added support for DMN Decision Table's priority order for output with number type.
    • DMN Validator enhanced to capture "at literal" expression errors and mistyped class and member function names.
    • Added new 'Simulation' perspective category, grouping all simulation perspectives in one menu.
    • Added new model wizard patterns for: Matlab Solver, Octave Solver, Executable Business States and Win32 UI simulation.
  • Code Engineering
    • Intellisense improvements:
      • Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Space now shows method signature parameter list instead of autocomplete list (Ctrl+Space can still be used for autocomplete list).
      • Method signature tooltips now always show full parameter information.
      • Method signature tooltips highlight current parameter under text cursor.
      • Improved when tooltip auto show and hide are applied.
      • Improved when to show autocomplete.
    • General improvements to the Code Editor and associated Structure Tree.
    • Import DDL Schema's browser button now supports the selection of any supported database.
  • Publishing
    • Updated the HTML report generator to ensure a default diagram is included on the index page when the 'Default Diagram' option has been specified.
    • Deleting a HTML Style template removes all modified sections (Only applies to EAP files).
  • Execution Analyzer
    • Added support for debugging 64-bit applications with GDB debugger.
    • Improved Memory Viewer to show full 64-bit address when debugging 64-bit apps.
  • Automation and Scripting
    • Automation option 'SuppressSecurityDialogs' will now be obeyed when connecting to a cloud model through automation and will allow suppressing credential and security warning pop-up dialogs when enabled.
  • Security
    • Significantly reduced the time required to apply a recursive lock to a large package over a cloud connection.
    • Project Root packages that are hidden with security locking have been improved in the following ways:
      • They will become immediately visible when security is disabled or the locking mode is changed to 'Require User Lock to Edit'.
      • They will have their visibility updated when changing the current security user for the loaded model.
      • Applying a non-recursive lock to a root package has been updated to ensure the selected package is also locked.
    • Updated the locking behavior of Information Flow Connector, such that Conveyed Items can be added and removed, if and only if the connector's source element is editable. The connector's target element is no longer considered. This behavior is consistent with that of other connector types in EA.
  • Other Changes
    • MDG Technologies loaded from URL now handle https connections.
    • Improved Model Wizard documentation.
    • Updated and improved model wizard pattern documents for multiple technologies.
    • Gang of Four technology model wizard pattern groups have been given names that are more searchable.
    • Improved Type and Field Mapping in System Integration:
      • Match the correct stereotype when the same name exists in multiple technologies.
      • Only allow mapping to known stereotypes.
      • Use display names for technology types and tagged value.
      • Filter tagged values to only show those allowed by the selected type/stereotype.
    • Improved loading time of System Integration Comments tab in Inspector window.
    • Reviews History window has been updated to include new filtering options for Review Topics and new Columns 'Topic Author' and 'Role'.
    • Improved handling of cloud connection when resending slow messages.
    • Updated XMI Importer to import XMI 2.1 file exported by Modelio.
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