DevExpress WPF 22.1.3

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Juin 20, 2022
Nouvelle Version


Microsoft .NET 5 and .NET 6

  • .NET 6 Tooltip Accessibility - DevExpress WPF controls (.NET 6 apps) display tooltips that meet WCAG 2.1 standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1).
    • Users can now hover tooltips via the mouse.
    • Tooltips are activated when a parent element receives keyboard focus.
    • Tooltips are activated immediately after pressing the Ctrl+Shift+F10 key combination.
    • Tooltips remain visible until another element is hovered/focused or the Ctrl key is pressed.

Data Grid

  • Items Source Wizard - The WPF Data Grid control now ships with an Items Source Wizard for the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Use it to quickly bind the grid to a data source at design time. You can select the following binding modes:
    • Simple Binding
    • Infinite Asynchronous Source
    • Paged Asynchronous Source
    • Instant Feedback Mode
    • Server Mode
  • The Items Source Wizard can also generate MVVM code for CRUD operations. It detects your View Model and implements create, delete, and refresh commands as needed.
  • Feature Browser for .NET/.NET Core - With this update, you can use the Feature Browser to customize the WPF Data Grid control in your .NET 5 and .NET 6 projects. The Feature Browser makes grid customization much faster and easier. Use its intuitive UI/UX and integrated search to locate the required API. Advanced features include:
    • View Customization
    • Column and Band Management
    • Data Shaping (sorting, grouping, filtering)
    • Data Aggregation (total and group summaries)
    • Data Binding
    • UI Customization
    • Data Editing and Validation
    • Selection and Navigation
    • Master-Detail Configuration
    • Printing and Data Export, and much more.

Microsoft Windows 11 Light Theme

  • The new light theme is based on Windows 11.


  • Empty Source Message - The WPF Accordion Control now displays a notification message if its items collection is empty. Use the 'EmptySourceText' property to specify a custom description.


  • Cell Selection - You can now select heatmap cells. The WPF Heatmap control supports single and multiple cell selection. Use the SelectionMode property to specify selection mode. To obtain selected cells, use the 'SelectedItems' property. Also added the SelectedItemsChanging and SelectedItemsChanged events. Handle these events to respond to selection changes.
  • Design-Time Enhancements - Added common customization options to the Heatmap's smart tag so you can bind the Heatmap to data and add titles within the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Heatmap Title - The WPF Heatmap control can now display titles. Add a Title object to the HeatmapControl.Titles collection to display a title within your WPF app.

PDF Viewer

  • Document Navigation Enhancements - The new GoToBookmark and GoToDestination methods allow you to navigate to a specified bookmark or named destination.

Pivot Grid

  • Performance Enhancements - Improved the Pivot Grid's startup speed during cold starts. To help compute performance related benefits associated with this enhancement, measured how long it takes to render a WPF Pivot Grid control when a user launches the test app for the first time.
  • Unified Field Binding API in Server Mode and OLAP Mode
    • v22.1 updates Data Binding API support in both Server and OLAP Modes.
    • In OLAP mode, you can now set the DataBinding property to a DataSourceColumnBinding object (to bind a field to data). To specify an OLAP expression, set the 'DataBinding' property to an 'OlapExpressionBinding' object.
    • In Server Mode, use 'DataSourceColumnBinding' and 'ExpressionDataBinding' objects respectively.
    • This update also includes support for the following criteria operators:
      • IsTotal - Determines whether a total summary value is being calculated.
      • FirstValue - Returns the first row of records used to calculate an aggregate value.

Rich Text Editor

  • Watermarks - Added the ability for users to incorporate watermark within documents. Added two new commands to the Ribbon command bar for this purpose. The 'Watermark' command opens the 'Watermark' dialog and allows a user to create and configure the watermark. The 'Remove Watermark' command removes all watermarks from a document. Users can watermark the entire document or a specific section.


  • Shrink to Fit - The WPF Spreadsheet control now supports the 'Shrink to Fit' alignment option. When enabled, this option automatically reduces text size to fit a cell.

XAML Diagnostics

  • CodeRush can now check XAML code for DevExpress control usage issues, helping customers follow best practices with modern code. v22.1 includes diagnostics for the following issues and legacy practices:
    • Legacy drag-and-drop - Drag-and-Drop Managers are a legacy way to enable drag-and-drop. Set the 'DataViewBase.AllowDragDrop' property to 'true' instead.
    • ColumnBase.EditTemplate is used - The 'EditTemplate' property is outdated. Use 'CellEditTemplate' instead.
    • FieldName is equal to the Binding path - When the 'Binding' property is specified, 'FieldName' should not contain an existing property name.
    • Outdated windows - The 'DXWindow', 'DXRibbonWindow', and 'DXTabbedWindow' classes are outdated. Use 'ThemedWindow' instead.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Notification Service Enhancements - The DevExpress WPF Subscription includes a service designed to display native Windows 10/11 notifications in the notification center. With this update, you can easily distinguish and respond to notifications.
  • Window - Native Rendering - The Themed Window can now draw a glow effect that matches the current user's operating system. Set the 'UseNativeWindow' property to 'true' to enable this option.
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