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Service de suivi des performances de base de données (DPM).
Juillet 27, 2022
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  • A cloud-based database performance monitoring (DPM) service that gives you deep insight into your database environment in order to improve performance, efficiency and uptime.
  • Working with public and hybrid database environments, AimBetter is a unified solution that makes critical applications run faster.
  • AimBetter’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable you to quickly identify the source of performance issues, whether from application code error, a database application, an operating system, or CPU, storage or memory deficiency.
  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of all queries in real time.
  • Build a unified dashboard enabling a quick and comprehensive overview of all of your organization’s database queries from a single screen.
  • By means of deep analysis and investigation of an execution plan, AimBetter first identifies any problematic queries, and then quickly filters and identifies the user, resource, computer, processor, or memory being used by the problematic query.
  • Automatically store historical data for up to one year to enhance comparative query analysis, and reveals problematic queries that slow down performance and need to be resolved.
  • Monitor over 300 critical system metrics at the server and database level, and present them via a single, easy-to-comprehend display.
  • AimBetter’s Change Tracker constantly draws relevant data and runs statistical analyses to identify and prioritize anomalies according to the level of threat they pose to your organization.


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