DataGrip 2022.2.2

Améliore "Modify Object UI" en permettant désormais d’épingler un volet d’édition transformable en onglet.
Août 24, 2022
Nouvelle Version


  • Improved the Modify Object UI.
    • Added the ability to pin an editing pane and make it into a tab.
    • You can now explore the object tree without opening the corresponding editing pane. In other words, you can choose whether a single-click or a double-click will let you edit the object.
    • The kebab menu next to the column name lets you create a primary key or a unique constraint. The action creates a new tab in the background.
    • Foreign keys and indexes can now be created from the context menu of the column.
    • Completion now works for the names of columns in indexes and primary and foreign keys.
    • The names of indexes and keys can now be auto-generated. If you don’t like this behavior, you can turn it off by clicking on the ‘two circular arrows’ button next to the object’s name.
    • Buttons are now available for invoking code completion.
    • The ‘New’ action now respects the context: If you invoke it from the ‘columns’ node, a column will be created. Or if you invoke it from the table name in the left-hand pane, a popup will appear to let you choose an object.
    • New and edited objects are now highlighted in green and blue, respectively. Modified fields are in blue.
    • Changes to an object or field can now be reverted.
    • Escape no longer closes the window silently. Instead it will now warn you that you’re about to lose your changes.
    • If you run into any errors while executing a generated script, the dialog will no longer close after the execution attempt.
Modify Object UI


IDE de base de données conçue pour répondre aux besoins des développeurs et administrateurs de base de données SQL.

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