UltraFinder v2022.0

Ajoute un nouveau service d’indexation du système de fichiers pour fournir des résultats de recherche instantanés.
Octobre 18, 2022
Nouvelle Version


  • Lightning-fast search and scan
    • UltraFinder's file and folder scanning has been updated with a new module that utilizes a persistent database technology. This results in an almost instantaneous result when scanning and searching for pre-indexed files.
    • Users can select any number of NTFS drives they wish to scan and index.
  • Standard search gets a boost
    • Non-indexed searches also get an improvement. Users can enjoy up to 20% faster results when searching inside file trees that have not been indexed or for systems that do not support indexing.
  • Other Quality Updates
    • Faster application startup times.
    • Results displayed in real time.
    • New option to enable or disable searching inside archives (.zip, .rar, etc.).
    • Added min/max size check and warning for file filters.
    • Drag-and-drop support for folder names in "Find where" field.
Lightning-fast search and scan in UltraFinder v2022.0.


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