Enterprise Architect v16.1 (Build 1624)

Prend en charge les caractères spéciaux dans les noms d’éléments lors de la génération de rapports HTML.
Février 02, 2023 - 16:11
Nouvelle Version


  • Stability improvements for Microsoft Windows 10 and above when using certain Windows accessibility options.
  • Updated Microsoft Azure profile images.
  • Ensured interface Classifier_Guid integrity is maintained when updating objects reusing the exposed interface.
  • Enhanced DMN Expression Validation by adding support for parsing "for loop" expression.
  • Added support for DOCX files to be imported into a Custom Document.
  • Operation Properties dialog has been updated to prevent a situation where 'Behavior' is saved as 'Code'.
  • Improved PDF generation stability.
  • Improved Document Generator behavior when generating sections that contain diagram objects.
  • Improved handling when moving a connector end to a newly created port when the diagram has not been saved.
  • Dropping elements from Traceability window has been improved when those elements have a default image applied.
  • Generated HTML reports can now jump to a specific page via the 'guid= parameter'.
  • Added support for special characters in element names when generating HTML reports.
  • BPMN modeling has been updated to support show/hide properties of Event-Based Gateway.
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Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition

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